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RSS Sue's Tiny Costumes
  • I don’t normally want a Barbie but….
    This Barbie has my interest…. a Game Developer Barbie. Hmmmmmm Continue reading
  • Neglected Site
    I know I have been very bad at neglecting my dolls in the last few years but I hope it will change once more this summer! No, I have no specific plans right now to do anything special but I know I want to pick up at least one naked… Continue reading
  • Single Patterns will be Available Here!
    Craftsy where you will find individual patterns by Sue’s Tiny Costumes for dolls, bears and other crafts. Coming SOON! A new craft and pattern marketplace.  Little Bo Peep  Brenda Starr Continue reading
RSS Alaska Office Specialists
  • Word Styles Tips
    Setting up your own basic styles in Word can make it easier to have standardized documents and give you better results with outlines and other tools built into Word for tables of contents and indexing. This is especially helpful for long documents or if you want to hyperlink portions to… Continue reading
  • The 10-Point Plan
    Your “work” requires you to draft a 10-point plan on how you will improve the lives of your people via E-commerce policies. What are some of those points?At Alaska Office Specialists our E-commerce policies would likely cover: Terms and conditions which cover the collection and use of data and how… Continue reading
  • Excel Tip
    Databases Spreadsheets Excel is a spreadsheet program not a database it does math very well. It can give you statistics and make wonderful graphics based on the math involved but if you want to track inventory or a myriad of other things use a database. A database is harder to… Continue reading
  • G Suite
    What is G Suite? G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Millions of organizations around the world count… Continue reading
RSS Code Monkey
  • Elementor Add On Elements Plugin
    Item 1 Plan 1 $100 per month List Item #1 List Item #2 List Item #3 Buy Now Service 2 Plan 1 $100 per month List Item #1 List Item #2 List Item #3 Buy Now Plan 3 Plan 1 $100 per month List Item #1 List Item #2 List… Continue reading
  • Add Ons for Elementor Plugin
    Heading Title Team Member #1 CEO I am member details. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Team Member #2 Lead Developer I am member details. Click edit button to change this… Continue reading
  • Another Random Page
    My Portfolio AllElementorTemplatesTutorialsWebsite Development Elementor Add On Elements Plugin Elementor, Tutorials Item 1 Plan 1 $100 per month List Item #1 List Item #2 List Item #3 Buy Now Service 2 Plan 1 $100 per month List Item #1 List Item #2 List Item #3 Buy Now Plan 3 Plan… Continue reading
RSS Sue Darby's Photography
  • 2018 Garden
    I tossed some seeds into pots indoors on March 1 and ended up with 45 tomato plants of which about 20 are still going strong. That is on top of the collection of about 10-15 I kept alive during the long, dark Alaskan winter! Most plants are edible so I’m … Continue reading →
  • North to Fairbanks!
    In the Spring of 2019 my son, Justice was invited to visit a friend. So we did a road trip north to Fairbanks up the Parks Highway. I likely drove him crazy stopping every chance I could to take photos but I really could not resist and after a while … Continue reading →
  • Last week of Summer and First Snow

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