What Do I Do Exactly?

What is it I do, exactly? I write instructions anyone can follow for how to use software or follow an in house procedure. I can make software do things it might not have been originally intended to do as well via macros or other programming scripts. And more specifically, what can I do to make or save money for a client? I save you time on training and wasted time not knowing exactly how to do something. What is it that’s special or unique about me? In other words, what combination of skills and experience do I have that would make you as an employer want to work with me?



Short writing pieces like this article or very long items that give detailed, illustrated instructions like my book on Pattern Making for Dolls. I’ve done several dozen sewing patterns, I’ve also written many times on using software. My passion is in writing instructions and procedures. Clear, precise instructions that everyone can understand.


Excel & Google Sheets are two of my best applications. I can enter the data and setup the formulas to display it in many ways. I can create entire systems to track data and report on the status of a project. I can integrate the systems with Access and SharePoint, Word and even Adobe Acrobat.

Coordination & Organization

I keep entire teams humming with information and systems to track that information. I track who has what, where an item is in the process and how that process can be streamlined. If there is a way to make someone’s life easier I suggest and implement it.

What’s My Industry?


I’m trying to build a list of target companies, how do I figure out what industry I’m after? I know my locations, I know my roles. I’m seriously not picky on industry except for government, oil & gas or health care are a big NO! Gov & health care is a been there, done that, have the scars. Oil & gas I see as killing the planet and don’t want to go there.

So what industry am I looking at?

I’m very interested in technical writing help documents for software… is that startups, information technology, or what would I look for? I’m interested in using my Excel skills for data analysis but again what industry? I could even use my website development skills in this somehow. What industry do I target there?

Could I combine the target jobs?

What would I look for? How would I find it?

Things I love:

  • Computer software
  • Writing
  • Writing Procedures
  • Teaching computer skills
  • Photography (landscapes and animals, I’m amateur at best!)
  • Cars (but I’m picky… Mustangs, Teslas and classics from before I was born!)
  • Rockets (but I have NO knowledge of what makes them really tick I love watching them take off and especially land… it’s my football!)
These last few believe it or not I’ve already tried to make a living from and would dearly love to do so again but know that the market is too small and too specialized to make a good business for me.
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Sewing
  • Dolls
  • Crafts
For years I’ve tried to find ways to combine my skills I love with my hobbies and other things I love. At this point I can live with just using the skills I love most daily and keep the hobbies as hobbies! That said I still need ideas for industries… without that I’ll still have problems finding “Top 10 Companies in XYZ Industry to work for” even if they are in my location or offer remote jobs or relocation to Seattle I still have to find a way to build a list. I have two local, a remote and a Seattle company… I need more on my list! Message me where ever you happen to see this! LinkedIn, FaceBook or Twitter!

Resume of Sue Darby

Seeking Remote Positions

Business Analyst & Technical Writer



I am a technical writer with experience in writing procedures for using software. I excel at writing for any audience.

I am a business analyst who specializes in facilitating communication between IT & managers. I excel at improving processes, writing detailed procedures and project management.


Technical Writing

Workflow Diagrams


Universal Modeling Language
JSON, XML, JavaScript, WAMP, FTP, C, APIs

Windows, Document Management, Databases, Android, Content Management, Angular, DITA, Unity/C#, Perl, BASIC A, MYSQL, Linux


Excel, Word, PowerBI
OneDrive, Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Trello

Access, Project, OneNote
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Freemind, Gmail, HubSpot

Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, Visio, Star UML, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Adobe Pro, Google Drive

Office Suite, Databases, WordPress, PHP, Dreamweaver, FileZilla, Corel Draw Suite, PHPMyAdmin, Visual Basic.NET

Soft Skills

Attention to Details
Time Management

Organization Skills
Data Science

Customer Centric Service, Self-motivated, Mentor Team Members, Marketing


Technical Writing

Settings compliance ~ Development of a single tool to capture data, aggregate, and generate individualized notices. Development of a macro to take 1000+ final notices to a mass email merge of PDF files. Additional tool developed for compiling statistics and tracking the progress of the project for reporting. This includes documenting the process and training the team. Time savings for team of 66%.

Clean Mal ~ As part of a small group within a larger team responsible for correctly parenting public sector and commercial accounts. Detailed research and analysis required to ensure compliance with established business rules. Use of multiple internal systems including MSRA, Calc and SDS for reports and processing. Processed approximately 300 accounts per month.

Application Tracking System ~ Created an interim data tracking system using SharePoint to measure the time frames for processing applications. The in-house database did not have this function. I trained co-workers in use of various views and troubleshoot system as necessary as site admin. Team efficacy improvement 74%.

System is used for generating reports on where applications and changes are in the processes. This system is being used as inspiration and a guide for building new reports within the Harmony System.

CPR Waivers ~ Built tracking system in SharePoint to track requests for CPR & First Aid Waivers from providers. System brought abuse of the process to management’s attention and generated regulatory changes. System was incorporated into Harmony Database during development.

Habilitation Homes Project ~ A specific type of provider was not found in the main database, DS3. This project modified the database, collected the missing information, entered it and connected it correctly and developed several reports to track the missing data and ensure the integrity of the data moving forward. Added over 450 new contracted providers to system increasing tracking of vulnerable adult and child safety.

In addition to the initial entry and connections for each contracted home, maintenance for each record is conducted as the host agency is recertified. Additionally, reports have been created to track and more easily see which homes contract with each agency or agencies. This ensures there is less fraud and Medicaid abuse.

While the new database, Harmony was being developed, I was consulted on the connections, reports and data needs of this group of providers.

Archives ~ As the division subject matter expert was part of the development of the SharePoint Site that tracks all the files that are sent to Archives or Off-Site Storage. Working closely with the techs I helped find and fix bugs in an older system for calculating retention times, update the form to match the required form for Archiving and work as an administrator of the site adding new team members to the site. Archived over 3,000 provider files.

Previously the Archive SharePoint site, built in SharePoint 2007 and converted to 2010 was not computing retention times correctly. I took the lead to work with the SharePoint Developers to update and improve the system. In the process working closely to test and deploy fixes and becoming a site admin for the test and production sites due to my knack for finding the problems or suggesting where the issue might be within the code. When the new system, Harmony went live in 2018 this system was retired.

Critical Incident Reports ~ In 2009 the State of Alaska implemented mandatory reporting of neglect, abuse and fraud for vulnerable adults. There initially was no process in place to track the incoming reports. I developed a spreadsheet that tracked basic data and over time modified repeatedly to generate various types of information for the Commissioner (state) and (CMS) Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services (federal) level reporting. Based on my system IT built a SharePoint site and then built the process into Harmony during development. Tracked 1,000+ incidents resulting in increases in safety for vulnerable adults and children.

Current Work

Websites, Programming & Technical Writing

Continuous Learning

Alaska Collaborative for Telehealth & Telemedicine




The Alaska Collaborative of Telehealth and Telemedicine (AKCTT) is a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan forum committed to developing a coordinated, inter-agency approach to standardized telehealth care delivery in remote and urban Alaskan communities.

  • Facilitate communication between board, directors and members
  • Organize and maintain records for non-profit; schedule meetings and record and distribute minutes and collaborate to develop agenda
  • Create promotional materials for outreach events

Barony Of Ravenstone

Order of the Rose Crafts Instructor

2018 – Present


  • Design and construct Heraldry Banners for Ravenstone, Astral Winds, Lupine Moon, Frozen Coast, and IceFire Bay for use at Court Events and Games
  • Lead Arts & Sciences group in constructing
    • Game tabards
    • Introduction to sewing course
    •  30 belt favors
  • Design, draft, test, and constructed court garb loosely based on historic garments
  • Order of the Rose Award for Service to the Realm

Sue’s Tiny Costumes

Technical Writer, Author


Sue’s Tiny Costumes makes patterns in the micro scale from 1/2″ tall baby dolls to 18″ lady doll patterns.

  •  Project management of a variety of pattern drafting projects
  • Published author of 2 books and over 100 sewing patterns
  •  Photography of finished items for patterns and website

Awards and Publications

  • Pattern Making for Dolls ~ Registration Number / Date: TXu001082134 / 2003-02-26
  • Pattern Drafting for Miniatures ~ Registration Number / Date: TXu001082114 / 2003-02-26
  • International Doll Magazine, Pattern Consultant 6 published patterns 2004-2005
  • Dolls In Miniature- article 2005
  • Doll Castle News- article 2005
  • State Fair 2005 Little Bo Peep and her Sheep (Kitty Collier & Tiny Betsy)
  • Anaheim Doll Show – 2nd Place Costuming Letha Marie

Launch Consulting

Data Analyst



Data Analyst for Public Sector Microsoft O365, Azure, and device sales. Tight knit team of 5 caring for managed and unmanaged public sector sales accounts for Microsoft.

  • Extensive use of Excel for tracking and reporting using pivot tables, conditional formatting, and filters
  • Reporting via MSRA to determine if a request fits in the business rules for processing
  • Database management via Calc and SDS (internal systems)
  • Developed training materials including documenting business process and flow charts.
  • Record training sessions and developed written procedures
  • Research of additional accounts that could be parented
  • Tested validity, accuracy and consistency of new and existing intelligence data
  • Verified and updated account information in company computer system.
  • Maintained library of templates and reusable knowledge assets to facilitate business intelligence activities.
  • Checked figures, postings and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy and proper coding.

State of Alaska

Senior Services Data Analyst Technician


Anchorage, AK

Part of a collaborative team of 10-15 professionals and quickly became a sought out subject matter expert in Excel, SharePoint, and process improvements. 

  • Appointed SharePoint Administrator for 2 sites to develop tools for team including technical documentation for non-technical users
  • 66% improvement in workflow processes via macro programming and process design
  • 74% time gain for team from programming of tool to track certification process

85% increase in data collection, clean up, and notification efficiency

Nine Star Education & Employment

Computer Instructor & Career Development Specialist


Anchorage, AK

AmeriCorps Member in Career Development Center of Nine Star Education and Employment Services. Delivered a high level of personalized customer service, computer skills to a diverse group of customers.

  • Instruct 50+ individuals in basic computer skills and Microsoft Office applications
  • 50% improved time management; reduce management’s information systems data entry
  • Collect and present computer student statistics and career development data to 60+ professionals


Charter College

  • Alpha Beta Kappa, Dean’s List, Perfect Attendance
  • B.S. Degree in Business Management & Technology: Concentration in Business Applications
  • B.S. Degree in Business Management & Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science : Concentration in Business Applications
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Management Practice
  • Certificate in Computerized Office Associate
  • Certificate in Computerized Office Specialist
  • Microsoft Office Master Certification

Online Continuing Education Topics

  • Technical Writing
  • Learning Jira Software 7.0-7.4
  • Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides Project Management Agile Software Development
  • Applying Lean, DevOps, and Agile to Your IT Organization
  • DevOps Foundations: Lean and Agile
  • Lean Foundations
  • Lean Technology Strategy: Building High-Performing Teams
  • Lean Technology Strategy: Running Agile at Scale
  • Lean Technology Strategy: Starting Your Business Transformation
  • Managing International Projects
  • Project Management: Technical Projects
  • Scrum: The Basics Web Design Bootstrap 4 Essential Training
  • Choosing a Cloud Platform for Developers: AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • CSS Essential Training
  • HTML Essential Training
  • HTML: Structured Data
  • Introduction to Web APIs
  • IoT Foundations: Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Essential Training
  • Learning GitHub
  • Learning REST APIs
  • Making Sense of the CSS Box Model
  • Programming Foundations: Databases
  • Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
  • Responsive Layout
  • Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack and Front End
  • User Experience for Web Design
  • UX Foundations: Accessibility
  • Version Control for Everyone
  • Web Programming Foundations WordPress Installing and Running WordPress: Local by FlyWheel
  • WordPress 5 Essential Training
  • WordPress 5 Essential Training: Site Administration
  • WordPress: Accessibility
  • WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields
  • WordPress: Building Child Themes
  • WordPress: Building Progressive Themes with WP Rig
  • WordPress: Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
  • WordPress: Workflows Comp TIA A+ CompTIA A+ (220-1001 and 220-1002) Cert Prep: The Basics
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 1: The Basics
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 2: Microprocessing and RAM
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 3: Core Hardware
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 4: Storage and Peripherals
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 5: Display Technologies
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 6: Physical Networking
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 7: Understanding Networking
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 8: Internet and the Cloud
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 9: Portable Computing
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Cert Prep 10: Printers
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 1: Getting Started
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 2: Implementation Considerations
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 3: Windows and More
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 4: Command-Line Interface and Scripting Languages
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 5: Troubleshooting Operating Systems
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 6: Networking, Security, and More
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 7: Portable Computing
  • CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Cert Prep 8: Security and Organization Career Development Building Self-Confidence
  • Creating a Career Plan
  • Creating Your Personal Brand
  • Data Science & Analytics Career Paths & Certifications: First Steps
  • Excel and Visio: Generating Diagrams Automatically
  • Finding a Remote Job
  • Getting the Most from Recruiters While Job Hunting
  • Insights from a College Career Coach
  • J.T. O’Donnell on Making Recruiters Come to You
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Managing Anxiety in the Workplace


  • Microsoft DAT206x Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel
  • Microsoft DAT207x Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI


  • Microsoft Office Master
  • MSOE: Microsoft Excel 2003 Expert
  • MSOE: Microsoft Word 2003 Expert
  • MSOS: Microsoft Access 2003
  • MSOS: Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • MSOS: Microsoft Excel 2003
  • MSOS: Microsoft Word 2003


  • Civil Rights
  • Computer Building (Scratch Builds and Upgrades)
  • Website Development, Programming
  • Reading Science Fiction, Fantasy & Non-Fiction
  • Sewing
  • Gardening
  • Table Top Role Playing Gaming (D&D, Cyber Punk etc)
  • Pattern Drafting, Dollhouse Scale Miniatures, Dolls, Historic Costumes, Photography, Crafts, Creative Writing, PC Games (Minecraft, Wynn Craft, Titan Quest, Sacred, Oblivion)

What do I love to do? What’s my niche?

Menu screenshot


I love to write instructions for software applications. I love to write tutorials that go through a process that makes a task easier or automates it. I also love learning new things in the process of writing about them!
pattern drafting for miniatures

Sewing & Pattern Drafting

I know this is technically a hobby but for a while I did make a little bit of money drafting patterns and writing books on the topic. It is a very technical subject surprisingly and especially when you try to explain how to do something step by step. Teaching it is even more of a challenge when you do it over a chat room and the only way to share images is via email. Ahhh teaching online in the days before YouTube or live streaming or teleconferencing… when it was all still the Jetsons and not real yet! Given the chance I’d still love to teach pattern drafting online only this time with more modern tools!
Visual Basic code


I have been dabbling with programming languages since the days of BASIC A. I am self taught except for Perl and JavaScript which I actually had formal classes in. I hand code sites and learn as I go. I have a wide variety of knowledge and would love to apply it to more projects.
Project Planner


I enjoy setting up to do an event. A class to teach something, a gathering of friends or family or even as part of my job. Years ago I was an Events Coordinator and had a lot of fun setting up the advertising and marketing for various demonstrations of crafts, many of which I had never done. I coordinated week long summer camps for kid crafting as well. Event coordination is just like project management and I enjoy that as well. Keeping track of tasks and details is a big part of what keeps me motivated and happy.

LinkedIn Articles

Unofficial Titles

Does your workplace have a fun faux-policy of giving unofficial titles. Yeah, we all have “job titles” but I’m talking the fun ones.

My Personality Needs to Show

I have decided I am tired of the generic boring resumes and after looking at my skills and experience 60+ times and refining my resume more than that I am going to go more creative with the document.

XML Resume

I plan to edit and add to this XML resume in the coming days and weeks, for now this is a nice skeleton hand developed and coded. <?xml version=”1.0 encoding=”UTF-8″ ? >   <name>Sue Darby</name> <phone>907-707-5654</phone> <email>[email protected]</email> <website>www.sue-a-darby.com</website> <linkedin>www.linkedin.com/in/suedarby</linkedin>   <titles>Technical Writer, software Documentation, Software Support</titles>   <summary>Sue is a master of software applications both old and new. She enjoys both learning new applications and teaching other how to use those applications via written and illustrated tutorials documentation and chat.</summary>   <skills>XML, JSON, HTML, CSS Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office, Google Docs & Spreadsheets DITA, Scapple, Scrivener, Scribus, Publisher Corel Draw, Inkscape, Gimp Present information to technical and non-technical users Digital Verbal & Written Communication</skills>   <job>Technical Writer</job>   <company>Alaska Office Specialists</company>   <website>www.alaskaos.com</website>   <achievements>5+ Websites are demonstrations of website coding, writing and maintenance Author, illustrate and diagram 10+ instructions & articles written with an end user in mind Author XML documents</achievements>     <job>Technical Writer, Published Author</job>   <company>Sue’s Tiny Costumes</company>   <website>www.suestinycostumes.com</website>   <achievements>Published author of 2 books with articles in 4 magazines ~ “Pattern Drafting for Miniatures” & “Pattern Making for Dolls”, International Doll Magazine”, “Doll Castle News”, “Dolls, Bears & Anywears”, & “Dolls In Miniature “</achievements>   <job>Board Secretary</job>   <company>Alaska Coalition for Telehealth & TeleMedicine</company>   <website>www.akctt.org</website>   <achievements>Participate in discussions on regulations and effects of Telehealth and Telemedicine in Alaska</achievements>   <job>Senior Services Data Analyst Technician</job>   <company>State of Alaska</company>   <website>www.alaska.gov</website>   <achievements>66% increase in workflow via macro design, programming, development and implementation</achievements>     <college>Charter College</college>   <degree>Bachelors of Science Business Management & Information Technology</degree>    
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