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Pile of files I came back to after taking a long weekend....

Pile of files I came back to after taking a long weekend….

While being a clerk has been one of my titles the same duties carried over to being a Senior Services Tech. The number of files for provider certification has varied over the years but has always been more than 800. That is agencies and individual care coordinators that the division certifies. Each of those providers has multiple files. A hard file, an electronic file and a database entry. Each has to reflect the others and older materials have to be archived just in case there is an audit in the future. The processes I complete almost unconsciously have been either developed or modified by me in the last several years. I do the primary process of issuing reminder letters, entering providers and various notes into the database and preparing the file for review. After the review process is complete I take the final file and add it to a current file replacing older materials and archiving them or creating a complete new file as needed. During this file process I check that the required items are present via a tagging system developed internally that matches a checklist. Any files with errors are returned to the worker who signed off on the application for corrections. In addition to the certified agencies there are a number of other agencies or providers that the division cares about and it has fallen to me to keep track of these providers as well. Some are a once a year quick database only update and others require detailed maintenance and changes as part of the general certification process as they are a setting that is contracted to a certified provider. No matter what the number of provider records I maintain numbers over 1200. An additional type of file I care for is the closed providers which by the time the file gets to me I have to deconstruct and label it to enter it into a separate database. This is a tracking system I am one of the administrators for and have steered many changes and improvements to the system. This is just a teeny peek at a segment of the things I do.

Experience Expanded

Launch Consulting

        <h2>Data Analyst</h2>       
    <p style="text-align: center;">November 2018 to November 2019</p><p style="text-align: center;">Remote</p>      
        <h2>State of Alaska</h2>        
        <h3>Division of Senior & Disabilities</h3>      
        <h4>Quality Assurance</h4>      
        <h4>Provider Certification & Compliance Unit</h4>       
        <h5>Office Assistant II</h5>        
        <h5>Senior Services Data Analyst Tech</h5>      
    <p style="text-align: center;">May 2008 to December 2017<br />Anchorage, AK</p>     
        <h2>Nine Star Education & Employment </h2>      
        <h2>Career Development Center Mentor & Computer Instructor</h2>     
    <p style="text-align: center;">April 2006 to April 2008</p><p style="text-align: center;">Anchorage, Alaska</p>     
        <h2>Coffee Institute

Site Owner


Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Cashier, Stock Clerk, Events Coordinator

Portland, OR

New Marine World Theme Park

Outback Gift Shop Clerk

Vallejo, CA

Steamboat Ski Corp

Food Service Cashier

Steamboat Springs, CO

Hamilton Stores

Fountain Cashier

Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Basin, WY

Solano College Fashion Design Department

Computer Tutor

Suisun, CA

Camp Rotary

Arts & Crafts Counselor

Boxford, MA

Marine World

Food Service Cashier

Vallejo, CA

House of Fabrics

Floor Clerk

Fairfield, CA

Sue’s Tiny Costumes

Owner, Webmaster, Published Author, Technical Writer, Project Manager, Course Instructor

1996 to present

Alaska Office Specialists

Site Owner


Books, Music & More

Site Owner


Alaska Coalitiong for Telehealth & Telemedicine


PRIDE Program

Grant Writer

Chugiak Children’s Services Head Start

Classroom Aide

Website Marketer

Graphic Designer

Shirley’s Creative Designs

Production Assistant

Responsibilities & Duties Expanded

    • Charged with design and development of Provider Certification & Compliance Internal SharePoint Site (Site Owner permissions)
    • Develop transition plan for team use of Share Point Site including Team Discussion Moderation, File Library and feature setup
    • Provide team with weekly charts showing application processing status
    • Participate in work groups for new regulations & new application offering ideas, & suggestions on requirements, processes & design
    • Provide technical assistance within scope of Quality Assurance, Provider Certification & Compliance
    • Team Lead for up to 3 volunteers; training & assigning tasks, checking work as needed
    • Screen Certification Packets, checking for completeness & updating databases as required
    • Manage multiple group e-mail boxes; directing messages or resolving issues as needed
    • Write & post various articles or pages on multiple sites
    • Manage & update up to 16 sites & blogs
    • Participate in a variety of business promotional activities on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other groups & forums
    • Responsible for the CPR & First Aid training waivers processing
    • Receptionist duties; dealing with callers in crisis or seeking information, direct calls as appropriate
    • Support staff for Quality Assurance Unit, Provider Certification (team of 6) & Quality Assurance, Recipient Services (team of 8)

“Other Duties as Assigned”

I have a few things I do on a once in a while basis that could come under the “Other Duties as Assigned” category. I love technical support type work within my office unit and even within other units. I am always willing to try to solve a mystery or problem before I call for the regular techs. I’ve even been asked to take on a couple odd projects for the IT staff based on my “Geek Credentials”. Some of these odd things include:

When I started I was told I would have to “become one with the copier”. Being the daughter of a now retired copier tech who taught me how to tear apart machines and get them put back together correctly, I didn’t think much of this until I was confronted with the HP9500 copiers at work.

There was one in the Quality Assurance Unit and another nearby for the Executive Suite. When one or the other and sometimes both went down I would do everything I could to get them running. After one episode of running between the two with chronic jamming I finally threw in the towel and declared a “three strikes rule”. Simply put, I’d give it 3 tries and then call for repair. When we finally replaced the dying machines I was delighted.

A second example was when IT started the process of upgrading computers from Office 2003 to Office 2007. The cursed ribbon caused havoc with a co-worker when her computer died and she got a new computer with 2007 on it. Her settings, tools and everything she knew how to do easily were gone in a few minutes. Being her clerical support she turned to me for help getting it all reset.

I unfortunately, did NOT have a copy of 2007 and spent most of the day Googling how to do things and getting some of her settings back. By mid-day my boss and I were on the phone with IT asking for me to be upgraded as well so I could help more. Our favorite tech was upgrading my computer by the end of the day with a promise that I’d be the first in the unit to get the next version when it had to be upgraded again. He really appreciated that I was willing to jump in to help get my unit running smoothly with the new version.

When we did upgrade again to 2010 I was the first as promised to get it. I noticed several issues with the build and added detailed tickets to the help desk system. Several were simple fixes and other we’ve had to do workarounds for just because it would require a full redo of the image and redeployment on hundreds of computers. So, we simply look forward to the next upgrade and hope that the next build does not have the same bugs.

Another unofficial “Other Duty” was a request from the IT Manager to change out the daily backup tapes. I was recommended by one of the techs and handed a key to the server room.

I have had a variety and continue to have a variety of interesting “Other Duties” assigned to me. Everything from server backups to breaking and testing software, to figuring out workarounds when the current software just didn’t do what was needed. I am never afraid of jumping in but I also know when it is out of my knowledge base and usually know who to turn to for help or advice.

Long Term Employees

imageIt is incredibly important to keep employees as long as possible especially in government where you have to keep records for a long time. Why? Why is it important?  Well, because when the Federal Oversight shows up on your doorstep and wants to see certain information within an old time frame you need to have someone who knows where to look and what the file systems were at the time in question! There have been so many changes in the last 6 years it’s amazing I can keep it all straight. Everything from file folder organization changes to color coding files to the actual contents of the folders has changed. Even the forms we use have changed. Add all that to changes in personnel such as my 5th boss in 6 years along with some long term members of the unit who retired and no one who has been recently hired knows what is really going on. Luckily, I had a short-notice-heads-up that something was coming up soon and then warning as to when recently so I could try and find everything. Even with warning it took most of the day to find all the required documents. Some were archived and luckily my co-worker pulled those from archives last week. Other items I had to look in what was fondly called “The Other Brain” otherwise known as the back files. It is simply a yearly, alphabetical system of every form signed for every provider ever certified by the unit members. Most of the required forms were easily found but the very last one I really had to dig and find the right year to find the correct form. I can now sleep a little easier and enjoy tomorrow’s graduation ceremony for my daughter knowing that I did everything in my power to find all the forms that the Federal people wanted to see! I guess you could say that is one of the most important reasons to keep people who know what they are doing as long as possible.
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