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Everyone has to read a job description to see if you meet the qualifications of the company but what if we, as job seekers were to publish our own job descriptions? Something that defines the job we’re looking for, the company culture, boss, tasks and location we’re after. It could be something that we can add to a resume or cover letter pointing out what our criteria is and how well the company matches us for a change. It could also be an “Other Document” that can highlight how well we’ve researched our target company finding tidbits and trivia that may just be public information but still require research that is attached to an application.

I built a reverse job description several months ago based on what I dislike most about my current job and what I wanted to avoid and wanted to be doing soon. Interestingly enough, I was able to define what I want in a boss, company and job tasks that would make me happy etc. Even better a potential job is in the process of opening up that just about meets everything including location and compensation requirements, the only thing I have to do is be patient.

Here’s part of my list and even if you build a list and never publish it, it can be a very useful tool for identifying if an opportunity and company meet your criteria!

The company

  • Forward thinking
  • Profitable or high benefit to helping society or the environment with enough in funding to function well
  • Has an active future plan that includes revenue growth
  • Functions within budget
  • Includes staff in plans while forming not after choices are made
  • Actively seeks ideas and feedback from staff
  • Seeks to build not just small teams for certain functions but to bring whole group of teams into one large team demonstrating that each team has a purpose in the big picture
  • Explains the big picture and how everyone from the clerk and janitor contribute

The Boss

  • Fair but firm
  • Timely decision making – “later” is not an option nor is crossing the bridge when we get there… PROACTIVE PLANNING
  • Clear expectations and goal setting
  • Proactive work projects
  • Open door policy
  • Gets to know individuals on team including moods, likes and dislikes
  • Knows enough to do anyone’s job for a few days

The Job

  • Short, medium and long term project based
  • Variety of assignments
  • Set goals for each project with clear expectations of deliverables and timelines
  • Variety of new software to learn
  • Opportunity to teach and learn
  • Primarily computer based in software or programming or writing


  • $35+/hr ($60k+/yr)
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Team getaways specifically to get to know other teams
  • Continuing education or conferences


  • Remote
  • If remote then flexible work hours based on timezones
  • Mat-Su Valley of Alaska

What I want

  • Computer based tracking systems that are up to date
  • Research and learning are highly encouraged
  • Support with projects when needed
  • Any down time can be used for classes and learning
  • Freedom to prioritize work within reason
  • Variety of tasks that make a difference
  • Ability to see where my work fits in
  • Short productive meetings
  • Tools to keep in touch such as chat and message boards in addition to email
  • Cross training in other teams and other jobs with or without the background for the job
  • Mobile tools for use when needed
  • Helps others mutually supportive
  • Power to do experiment and mess up within reason
  • Computer that has the power to keep up with multitasking

What do you think?

My Doll Business

CCII get a lot of questions and funny looks when I mention that my small business which was started in 1995 is focused solely on dolls. You see my original college major was Fashion Design and I focused on dolls as they are fun and easy to make a wide variety of garments for. When I talk about the size range I get more incredulous looks since the smallest doll I have and have actually designed, drafted and sewn for is a 1/2″ baby doll. The next largest is 2 1/2″ tall and has a hand beaded gown. From there I move to 1″ scale dolls and go larger still into 6-8″ children dolls, 10 1/2″ lady dolls, Barbie of course along with Gene, Kitty Collier and finally my beloved Letha Marie who is 3 ft 10″ tall and wears a child size 3 shoe. A couple of my dolls I literally poured the porcelain for and created from scratch before I dressed them. If asked in an interview about my dolls I will brag on them never ending as I LOVE my dolls and my sewing work in all those scales. Letha placed 2nd at the Anaheim Doll show, several outfits for my 1″ and 1/2″ scale dolls have been featured in magazines as well as my larger dolls. Two of my dolls won 1st and 2nd place at the Alaska State Fair and were featured in a magazine. Why am I so proud of the doll business overall though? Each pattern, and there are 100 and counting, takes a large amount of project management. Choosing resources, designs, colors, dolls, fabrics and trims takes time. Budgeting for a costume plus determining the shapes of pieces, testing patterns, technical writing is involved in each pattern for step by step instructions. Some designs were done as custom items for customers and thus I had to work closely with each one to get the tiny details right. Over the years I also had to learn photography as well as web design and development. I started by scanning my dolls since I didn’t own a camera but I had a scanner. Once I had a camera I started working on my still life portrait skills, they are dolls! I had to learn to edit photos and add them manually to a website. My original site was 50 megs and over 200 hand coded pages. I taught myself SEO,  Drupal, Joomla and eventually learned WordPress. As for my books, those were herculean for me as I was also a new parent to an infant and then toddler which required a lot of time management and multi-tasking skills to go with the technical skills and all the testing and even book layout and production of the hard copies at first. Why am I not still at this? I do it as a hobby now as it just will not support a family. I have totes of dolls and fabric and ideas filed away and when I find time I dig out a doll and start making something. I still work on my website when I can get a chance as well since I have photos and such that I still have not shared with the world. Yes, my business is based on dolls but the skills used to create products as a one man shop are very transferable to a workplace. I use many of my time, task and project skills all the time at my previous job as well as at my current job. Some examples of the results of these skills show up in the Compliance Checklist and the Certification Checklists which were projects for the State of Alaska.

Things I can do would anyone like to learn how I do them?

Most people know something about computers but only the basics.

        <h2>&nbsp;I know how to do a wide variety of things and what I think are stupid little tricks are great tools for someone else.</h2>        
                        <li >
                <a href="">                       
                                    Screenshot tutorial
                            <li >
                <a href="">                     
                                    Process development and documentation
                            <li >
                <a href="">                       
                                    Excel macros
                            <li >
                <a href="">                       
                                    Writing business needs documents
                            <li >
                <a href="">                     
                                    Website design and development
                            <li >
                                    Form design or development or editing
                            <li >
                                    Projects plan
                            <li >
                                    SharePoint troubleshooting
                        <li >
                                    Combining reports and presenting final data
                            <li >
                                    Report building in excel
                            <li >
                                    Programming languages
                            <li >
                                    Quick parts for a group
                            <li >
                                    Presenting options for a website and translating between business and designer or developer same for databases
                            <li >
                                    Email distro lists
        <h2>Does anyone want me to write up any of these as tutorials or help their business with these tasks?</h2>

Resume June 2017

Sue Darby

907-707-5654 | [email protected]

Business Analyst | Technical Writer 

I am seeking full time work and have over 20 years of experience as an advanced computer user and writer. I have been proven to be detail oriented in determining the requirements for both users and technical staff providing a unique bridge between management and technical staff. Creative in the use of technology to solve problems and create detailed business processes.

Areas of expertise include:

✏  Content Management Systems ✏  Cloud Tools ✏  Procedures ✏  Programming ✏  Social Media ✏  Diagrams ✏  Databases ✏  Office Suites ✏  Data Tracking ✏   Graphic Arts ✏  Data Analytics ✏  Tracking Systems ✏ Operating Systems ✏  Technical Writing ✏   Sewing ✏  Problem Solving

Senior Services Technician

State of Alaska


Sue Darby performs a variety of support and technical functions in the administration of the Provider Certification & Compliance Unit for the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver and Personal Care Assistance program. This position provides support and assistance to program managers and is responsible for program specific work of a senior service oriented agency, develops and maintains systems to track certification information and prepares reports for professional staff which are used internally and externally. The position serves a key role in the Provider Certification Unit as related to regulatory compliance, client health and safety, and continuous quality improvement.

Key Contributions


  • Maintain and QC 1500+ files ensuring all items required by regulation are present in folders
  • Process 1500+ incoming applications, distribute to reviewers and issue reminder letters to providers who are untimely
  • Sort and filter 500+ emails monthly ensuring each is categorized correctly for processing by myself or team members
  • Process over 5,000 files for archives or off site storage equaling over 160 cubic feet of paper
  • Master user for MS Office 2003-2013 including testing of newer computer builds for IT as super user
  • Create and maintain system generated reports for Provider Certification & Compliance Unit process of certification of Medicaid provider applicants, waivers, onsite provider reviews, and other quality assurance processes.
  • Develops Certification forms for internal use and edits Certification Application forms ensuring accessibility for the public.
  • Provides technical assistance to applicants and providers regarding certification application process, setting up Background Check accounts, and corresponding with the SDS fiscal agent for billing purposes.


  • Participates in planning and developing system work orders to improve systems support for the unit.
  • Build Master Site Review Tool improving data collection and notification efficiency by 85%
  • Maintain calendar and email management for team tracking during travel

“Other Duties as Assigned”

  • Builds & maintains UMLs of unit processes, writes or updates written processes as assigned
  • Archives SME and SharePoint site Administrator working with IT for improvements and troubleshooting issues
  • Unit SharePoint Administrator and Manager building tools to track processes that internal DS3 database does not currently
  • SME called on to define unit needs for reporting in new database system during development stages
  • Participated in user testing of database in development following scripts and offering feedback on usability and functionality

Office Assistant I/II

State of Alaska


Administrative support for 10-15 professionals providing tasks such as mail outs, mail merges, email management and filing support. Also provided team leadership to Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mature Alaskans Seeking Skills Training participants teaching a variety of clerical and computer skills and offering assistance as necessary. Progressed from a level I to a level II Office Assistant within about a year of starting with the State of Alaska. Quickly became a sought out subject matter expert in Excel, archiving, SharePoint and certification application processing.

Key Contributions

  • Responds to and takes appropriate action when within prescribed parameters, redirects to the correct professional staff when beyond knowledge base or those parameters, routes various emails to specific professional staff for decisions and action.
  • Monitors Provider Certification email inbox which is the publicly posted email and web portal for all providers and applicants. Various reports of incidents, inquiries, complaints and questions flow through this email and must be routinely monitored and re-routed.
  • Serves as subject matter expert on records retention procedures and archiving/off-site storage processes and advises professional staff on these procedures.
  • Electronic & hard copy file management, confidential record requests
  • Database management, maintains systems to ensure data integrity.
  • Serves as lead in selecting, training and oversight of DVR,  MAAST and administrative support
  • Ensures procedures are updated as shared electronic documents for the unit.
  • Assists with printing, copying, mass mailings, and organizing materials for meetings, training sessions, investigations, and site reviews or provides lead support to supportive staff.
  • Provides support and maintenance of the unit`s copiers, fax machines and other machinery in the office. Conducts routine maintenance, troubleshooting and periodic repair status checks. Facilitates repair calls as necessary.
  • Prepares materials for dissemination to providers, including recertification notifications, prepares mailing lists, merges documents, tracks and archives mailing lists for compliance history.
  • Keeps Provider Certification records and files organized and complete. Ongoing filing and policy and procedures toward electronic record keeping.
  • Provides records copies for various records requests for criminal cases, public requests, etc. Ensure complete records are provided.
  • Provides detailed information on program regulations; advises the public on program applicability and requirements; explains related laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to potential providers; advises and assists potential providers in setting up services.

Career Development Mentor & Computer Instructor

Nine Star Education & Employment


Sue Darby, was an AmeriCorps Member, in the Career Development Center of Nine Star Education and Employment Services. Sue brought to the Career Development Center a variety of skills gained as an owner of a small business, including a high level of personalized customer service, and the ability to teach life skills, as well as computer skills, to a diverse group of customers.


  • Cut Management Information Systems input time by 50%
  • Create templates used for generating reports
  • Input clients into File Maker Pro via Citrix
  • Brainstorm ways to streamline the administrative processes
  • Answer phones & questions from the public

Computer Instruction

  • Develop class curriculum
  • Teach computer classes
  • Aid students in preparation for the MOS exams
  • Answer student questions about various software

Career Development Mentor

  • Teaches goal setting workshops
  • Confers with clients to determine what program will be most helpful
  • Assesses clients for barriers and brainstorm ways to overcome them
  • Drafts and edits resumes, cover letters and other business correspondence
  • Directs clients to appropriate resources and assists clients in their use of outside assistance
  • Assists clients in registration for and use of the ALEXSYS system for the Department of Labor
  • Conducts job-matching to find good fit between clients and hiring companies

Business Owner, Technical Writer, Author, Webmaster

Sue’s Tiny Costumes


Sue’s Tiny Costumes makes patterns in the micro scale from 1/2″ tall baby dolls to 18″ lady doll patterns. Sue Darby owns and operates the business and has since 1996. She has published 2 books to the Library of Congress “Pattern Drafting for Miniatures” and “Pattern Making for Dolls”. In addition to these books she has self-published over 100 patterns for dolls and been featured multiple times in doll and miniature magazines. Each pattern takes many hours of planning and work from design concept, to measuring and drafting the pattern for the doll both by hand and by computer, to testing the pattern and writing the technical instructions for others to complete the same design. Beyond these basics for each pattern are diagrams of sewing techniques and photography of the finished items for both the pattern and for her website, social media channels and other marketing material.

Key Contributions

  • Project planning of technical books and patterns
  • Project management of pattern drafting projects
  • Published author of 2 books and over 100 sewing patterns
  • Photography of finished items for patterns and website
  • Website design, development and management including new content and security

Awards & Publications

  • International Doll Magazine, Pattern Consultant 6 published patterns 2004-2005
  • Dolls In Miniature- article 2005
  • Doll Castle News- article 2005
  • State Fair 2005 Little Bo Peep and her Sheep (Kitty Collier & Tiny Betsy)

Business Owner, Webmaster, Virtual Assistant  

Alaska Office Specialists


Alaska Office Specialists started as a virtual assistant service and has morphed into a website management service for craft businesses. Sue Darby who owns and operates the business uses her unique skill set to build and manage websites for other businesses who sell or make crafts. This can include hosting sites or updating already built sites. It is her experience with her own craft businesses that gives her the insight necessary to keep a crafting business site running.

Key Contributions

  • WordPress management, installation, updates and security of 10+ sites
  • HTML editing and scratch coding including using Bootstrap Framework or other systems
  • CSS editing and scratch coding using various frameworks
  • JavaScript including node.js and angular
  • FTP management of websites
  • Social Media management including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn both manually and with Hootsuite
  • Manage content on cloud based services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Toodledo and others




Recruited to work on iA3’s website during the start up phase for website management and content development

Key Contributions

  • Setup and configuration of theme, home page, privacy policy and additional content
  • Facebook and Twitter account management
  • Gaining technical knowledge and expertise regarding the hardware and software of the iA3 EdgeBrain a micro PC controlling industrial level water systems

Social Media Management

Recently I have been asked about social media management and wanted to give a little more background on the list of accounts I manage. Most are for my own endeavors but I do have one that I manage on a volunteer basis.  

Sue’s Tiny Costumes Facebook@STCDolls
Books,Music & More Facebook@BooksMusicMore
Coffee Institute Facebook@CoffeeNewsInst
Alaska Office Specialists Facebook@akofficespecial
Sue Darby Portfolio Facebook@suedarby
LinkedIn Git Hub
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