My Best Work 2016

Settings Pie chart

I honestly have a lot of fun creating graphics, charts and graphs like this and truly enjoy UMLs and PowerBI visualizations. <a href=”” border=”0″ itemprop=”url”> <meta itemprop=”width” content=”401″> <meta itemprop=”height” content=”296″> <img data-attachment-id=”5057″ data-orig-file=”” data-orig-size=”778,575″ data-comments-opened=”” data-image-meta=”{&quot;aperture&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;credit&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;camera&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;caption&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;created_timestamp&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;copyright&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;focal_length&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;iso&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;shutter_speed&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;title&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;orientation&quot;:&quot;0&quot;}” data-image-title=”settings pie” data-image-description=”” data-medium-file=”×222.png” data-large-file=”” src=”;h=296″ width=”401″ height=”296″ data-original-width=”401″ data-original-height=”296″ itemprop=”” title=”settings pie”…

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File Maintenance

file pile

While being a clerk has been one of my titles the same duties carried over to being a Senior Services Tech. The number of files for provider certification has varied over the years but has always been more than 800. That is agencies and individual care coordinators that the division…

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Gone to the Dungeon


So today’s big project was a file inventory. We have hard files still, although that is slowly going digital finally. The gremlins and dragons in the dungeon otherwise known as the file room had left a big mess! Today’s task was to find all the files that were not supposed…

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Web Services I use


I use a number of apps online personally and love it as each one has it’s features that work for a given task or project. Here is a short list of many of them. Trello WordPress Evernote Toodledo GitHub Google Suite Discord Slack Microsoft Office Visual Studio Code Corel Draw…

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What’s my niche?


What do I really want for a career? I know it won’t be a job or just a paycheck. I really need something that makes my heart sing. But what is the “thing” that would do that? I have a number of things I love doing. I love to help others…

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