Sue Darby

Data Analyst, Business Analyst & Technical Writer


Technical Writing 99%
Formatting 97%
Workflow Diagrams 93%
Procedures 93%
Websites 81%


Website Projects

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Document Management, Universal Modeling Language, Databases, Windows, Linux; Android, Content Management,  FTP,  JSON, XML, JavaScript,  APIs, Advanced HTML, CSS, Angular, DITA, Unity/C#, WAMP, Perl, BASIC A, MYSQL


Power BI, Visual Studio Code, Visio, Star UML, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Visual Basic.NET, WordPress, SharePoint, Adobe Pro, PHPGoogle Drive Office Suite, PHPMyAdmin, Databases, Access, Project, OneNote, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Corel Draw, Inscape, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, Freemind, Windows, Linux; Android, Evernote, Toodledo, Gmail, Dropbox, Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, G+, GitHub, Pinterest, Slack, WooCommerce, Trello, Content Management, WordPress, Google Analytics


Customer Centric Service, Self-motivated, Attention to Details, Mentor Team Members, Time Management, Organization Skills, Data Science, Marketing


I am a technical writer with experience in writing procedures for using software. I excel at writing for any audience.

I am a data analyst with 15+ years experience using Excel. I excel at developing data tracking systems and reports in SharePoint as well as aggregating data from databases and formatting it for presentations.

I am a business analyst who specializes in facilitating communication between IT & managers. I excel at improving processes, writing detailed procedures and project management.


Clean Mal ~ As part of a small group within a larger team responsible for correctly parenting public sector and commercial accounts. Detailed research and analysis required to ensure compliance with established business rules. Use of multiple internal systems including MSRA, Calc and SDS for reports and processing. Processed approximately 300 accounts per month.

Settings compliance ~ Development of a single tool to capture data, aggregate, and generate individualized notices. Development of a macro to take 1000+ final notices to a mass email merge of PDF files. Additional tool developed for compiling statistics and tracking the progress of the project for reporting. This includes documenting the process and training the team. Time savings for team of 66%.

Application Tracking System ~ Created an interim data tracking system using SharePoint to measure the time frames for processing applications. The in-house database did not have this function. I trained co-workers in use of various views and troubleshoot system as necessary as site admin. Team efficacy improvement 74%.

System is used for generating reports on where applications and changes are in the processes. This system is being used as inspiration and a guide for building new reports within the Harmony System.

CPR Waivers ~ Built tracking system in SharePoint to track requests for CPR & First Aid Waivers from providers. System brought abuse of the process to management’s attention and generated regulatory changes. System was incorporated into Harmony Database during development.

Habilitation Homes Project ~ A specific type of provider was not found in the main database, DS3. This project modified the database, collected the missing information, entered it and connected it correctly and developed several reports to track the missing data and ensure the integrity of the data moving forward. Added over 450 new contracted providers to system increasing tracking of vulnerable adult and child safety.

In addition to the initial entry and connections for each contracted home, maintenance for each record is conducted as the host agency is recertified. Additionally, reports have been created to track and more easily see which homes contract with each agency or agencies. This ensures there is less fraud and Medicaid abuse.

While the new database, Harmony was being developed, I was consulted on the connections, reports and data needs of this group of providers.

Archives ~ As the division subject matter expert was part of the development of the SharePoint Site that tracks all the files that are sent to Archives or Off-Site Storage. Working closely with the techs I helped find and fix bugs in an older system for calculating retention times, update the form to match the required form for Archiving and work as an administrator of the site adding new team members to the site. Archived over 3,000 provider files.

Previously the Archive SharePoint site, built in SharePoint 2007 and converted to 2010 was not computing retention times correctly. I took the lead to work with the SharePoint Developers to update and improve the system. In the process working closely to test and deploy fixes and becoming a site admin for the test and production sites due to my knack for finding the problems or suggesting where the issue might be within the code. When the new system, Harmony went live in 2018 this system was retired.

Critical Incident Reports ~ In 2009 the State of Alaska implemented mandatory reporting of neglect, abuse and fraud for vulnerable adults. There initially was no process in place to track the incoming reports. I developed a spreadsheet that tracked basic data and over time modified repeatedly to generate various types of information for the Commissioner (state) and (CMS) Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services (federal) level reporting. Based on my system IT built a SharePoint site and then built the process into Harmony during development. Tracked 1,000+ incidents resulting in increases in safety for vulnerable adults and children.


2018 - 2019

Launch Consulting

Data Analyst (Microsoft Project)

Data Analyst for Public Sector Microsoft O365, Azure & device sales. Tight knit team of 5 caring for managed and unmanaged public sector sales accounts for Microsoft.

  • Extensive use of Excel for tracking and reporting using pivot tables, conditional formatting and filters
  • Reporting via MSRA to determine if a request fit in the business rules for processing
  • Database management via Calc and SDS
  • Developed training materials including documenting business process and flow charts.
  • Record training sessions and developed written procedures
  • Research of additional accounts that could be parented


Alaska Office Specialists

Transition Projects

Articles and writing samples with tools from internet or custom built and shared,,,

  • 5+ Websites are demonstrations of website coding, writing and maintenance
  • Author, illustrate and diagram 10+ instructions & articles written with an end user in mind
  • Build 15+ templates to make workflows, work and repetitive tasks efficient
  • 20+ Charts and graphs; 4+ custom macros to improve workflows
  • Install, setup, manage content creation and maintain look, security and functionality of 10+ websites


Alaska Coalition for Telehealth & Telemecicine


The Alaska Collaborative of Telehealth and Telemedicine (AKCTT) is a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan forum committed to developing a coordinated, interagency approach to standardized telehealth care delivery in remote and urban Alaskan communities. 

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Voting
  • Website Maintenance


State of Alaska

Senior Services Technician

Part of a collaborative team of 10-15 professionals. Quickly became a sought out subject matter expert in Excel, SharePoint and process improvements.


  • Present technical topics to non-technical and technical users in easy to understand language
  • 66% improvement of workflow processes via macro programming & process design
  • 74% time gain for team from programming of tool to track certification process
  • 85% increase in data collection, clean up & notification efficiency
  • Appointed SharePoint Administrator for 2 sites to develop tools for team including technical documentation

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Nine Star Education & Employment

Computer Instructor & Career Development Specialist

AmeriCorps Member, in Career Development Center of Nine Star Education and Employment Services. Delivered a high level of personalized customer service, ability to teach life skills, as well as computer skills, to a diverse group of customers.

  • Instruct 50+ individuals in basic computer skills & Microsoft Office applications
  • 50% improved time management; reduce management’s information systems data entry
  • Collect and present computer student statistics & career development data to 60+ professionals
  • Create 10+ document templates used for generating reports following company style guide
  • 50% increase in streamlining administrative processes
  • Develop class curriculum, teach 5+ computer classes, answer student questions about software
  • Serving 5-15 people daily, draft and edit resumes, cover letters and other business correspondence

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Continuing Education

Online Courses


CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science ~ HarvardX – CS50


Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel ~ Microsoft – DAT206x


Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI ~ Microsoft – DAT207x

JSON, XML, JavaScript, Data Science, Marketing, APIs, Advanced HTML, CSS, Angular, DITA, SharePoint, Unity/C#, Google Analytics


Charter College

Alpha Beta Kappa, Dean’s List, 3.85 GPA

B.S. Degree in Business Management & Technology: Concentration in Business Applications

B.S. Degree in Business Management & Technology

A.S. Degree in Computer Science: Concentration in Business Applications

A.S. Degree in Business Management Practice

Microsoft Office Master Certification

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