Double Dog Dare You…

Falcon Heavy Launch

What in the world is my “football” you ask? Go ahead ask me about my “football” and you are likely to get me to go off on a half hour or more deer trail where I send you links to watch clips of my “football”. Remember you asked! My “football”…

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On Scammers and Job Scams

Hatcher's Pass Alaska

You get a random text on your phone or a LinkedIn chat that talks about a great job in Admin/Data Entry/Data Analysis which kind of matches what you’re looking for. Your first instinct is to dive into talking with the sender of course since it’s a job contact. Over time…

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What Do I Do Exactly?

Computer Libraries

What is it I do, exactly? I write instructions anyone can follow for how to use software or follow an in house procedure. I can make software do things it might not have been originally intended to do as well via macros or other programming scripts. And more specifically, what…

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What’s My Industry?


Question I’m trying to build a list of target companies, how do I figure out what industry I’m after? I know my locations, I know my roles. I’m seriously not picky on industry except for government, oil & gas or health care are a big NO! Gov & health care…

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Life Cycle of a Provider

life of a provider

Please keep in mind this was one of many drafts I did for the process but it serves well to show the level of detail I put into my writing. It is now an old procedure and has no HIPPA violations as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse House and Acme are…

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