What do you want in a career?

Skill Chart

What would you want in a career? What kind of workplace are you interested in joining? Interesting topics to ask for in a cover letter. Recently the first question was asked in a job posting for an Office Manager as part of a short cover letter. I had a nice…

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Argument Construction

file plan

Knowing your topic and knowing what you want to convey to your audience is incredibly important in the process of constructing an argument. You need to understand key elements in the process of constructing your argument. Some of these points will be covered here. First and foremost what is your…

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12 ways to make people SMILE!

Lady Code Monkey

There are many things that can be done to improve a person’s day. These are only a few. Thank random people in uniform for their service to society. You may end up making a new friend or learning something about the world from someone with firsthand experience.Did you know it…

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Friday will be my last day….


The last day I can use the excuse:  “I’m just the clerk” For you see by Tuesday (long holiday weekend coming here), I will no longer be a clerk. Nope, not an Office Assistant I or II or an Administrative Clerk II or anything clerical related. As of Tuesday I…

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