IT loved me.

During one of my past “lives” aka the State of Alaska job I held I was one of IT’s favorite people. I saved systems, setup systems and tested systems but it was well out of my job description!

I walked into a co-worker’s office as she was booting and heard the fans growling loudly and start yelling shut it off…. saved the HD from frying along with a ton of work. Went down to IT to tell them what was wrong and in less than half a day the HD was in a new machine. Same thing happened to my boss. Growling fans, quick shut down and she was back up in a couple hours no data lost. The rest of each machine was toast but I knew to shut it off so it didn’t completely fry!
If something was wrong my co-workers asked me first and then had me explain to IT what we’d tried. I was also a guinea pig for new builds… bricked a new build in 2 hours flat… it was a record. I had another machine real quick.

At one point at the same job I had keys to the server room, I got upgrades first so I could run interference when everyone else upgraded, I knew how to force update laptops and my own PC, I was nabbed by Sr management to troubleshoot teleconference equipment, I fixed 3-5 different copiers frequently enough that when repair was called they’d troubleshoot over the phone with me or come find me to see if I had a part stashed somewhere. I once spent time on a 3 way conference call with the head of IT and Costa Rica tech support so we could setup a new copier. That was fun, desk phone, cell phone and run back and forth to the copier.

Best one was my “hammer of behavior” which was for whacking computers and printers that didn’t want to work. 3 whacks and it was back to purrrrring. IT witnessed that one and couldn’t believe it until I had to do it again. I still have that foam hammer.

I wish I’d had the IT type title but alas I was an underpaid clerical staff member.

Now? I’m seeking a new position to use those odd skills I have for fixing and troubleshooting things along with my programming skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP/MySQL. If you happen to have any leads drop me a note but be sure you mention this article’s title!

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