On Scammers and Job Scams

You get a random text on your phone or a LinkedIn chat that talks about a great job in Admin/Data Entry/Data Analysis which kind of matches what you’re looking for. Your first instinct is to dive into talking with the sender of course since it’s a job contact.

Over time you start to realize that it’s garbage. How do you avoid these? Well, likely you can’t but you can start and control the conversation by asking for a link to the job description because likely the scammer can’t produce one. They might ask if you have an issue working from home or have your own equipment or have skills X, Y & Z.

BEWARE especially if they give you a fantastic, too good to be true, hourly rate that is far outside what you know is the going rate for a job in that industry/department.

Do NOT answer them in fact until you have a link to a legitimate company and can confirm that the contact is working for or with the company keep asking for that link to the job. After all you should be doing due diligence on all jobs and companies. If asked that is exactly what you are doing. Too many of these scammers get a hold of your resume and just prey on your need for work.

Don’t give them anything and insist on an actual description and a company contact. If they start in on an NDA ask again for a company contact and or the company name and directly contact the company and confirm what you’ve been told. If the company asks explain that there have been scams regarding jobs. Hey, it shows initiative and that you care. One company I did this with literally started legal proceedings based on my reporting it and posted an article!

Be careful in your job hunt and protect your personal data! For me no address or social security until I have a full written offer in hand. No background checks or anything like that without an offer and even a contract. Either can have a “if you don’t pass the background check we don’t hire you” clause. I’m fine with that but you don’t get anything more out of me until it’s signed!

Good luck everyone!

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