What is the most rewarding aspect of what I do?

The most rewarding aspect of what I do is the giving/sharing of my knowledge, skills and abilities in pursuit of doing a set of tasks more efficiently. I love knowing that my team is doing simple things efficiently and has more time to move on to more advanced tasks. Or is doing a very complex task well with high accuracy and excellent results.

Designing and building the tools the team uses with only the basic tools on hand and currently installed on our systems is a great challenge. I learn about writing macros from scratch versus recording a macro. I learn how to share those macros across the network and write the scripts that automate tasks. Yes, my skill set is homegrown but as I’ve needed to learn something I’ve read more and more about programming which has inspired my taking 30+ courses across LinkedIn Learning, Udemy and EdX to expand that knowledge.

I am now looking for a job where I can continue to innovate, create, solve and build as well as apply all that I’ve learned and am yet to learn.

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