Bureau of Underground Land Management or something like that…..

  My kids are now 12 and almost 10 and old enough to read the complex rules of D & D. Since it was Spring Break they spent some time creating their first characters and today was the “introduction session” I’ve personally been gaming for a few years but do NOT consider myself an expert gamer at all. In fact I’m a very shy gamer normally…. I can’t be shy in this game thus my character is a bureaucrat of the “Underground Land Management Office” and in charge of the miscreants that have to keep me alive so they get their freedom back. First roll of the game by elder kid <insert sound of a D20 rolling> “so what did you get?” “UMMMMMMM a 1” “critical fumble you see nothing!” It was a spot check. Next roll….. younger kid <insert sound of D20 rolling> “well, what is it?” “A 1!” “really? eeek” another spot check. I think my character is in trouble!

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