Achievements between December 2010 and March 2011

Just one year of all the things I accomplished! There’s more that I have likely forgotten or discounted as too minor.

  1. Screenings are more complete with fewer missed items as I have learned to recognize required items
  2. Initial apps were backed up into October and were fully caught up in mid January for screenings resulting in more initial providers being certified
  3. Increased use and proficiency with MMIS
  4. Better personal tracking system for screenings missing items and quicker turnaround on matching incoming items with packets
  5. More detailed training of MASST in files as team lead
  6. Increased participation in task committee and additional regular meetings
  7. Update CIR training regularly
  8. Decreased turnaround time on CPR waivers to meet ACS/provider needs to get PCAs enrolled
  9. Attended introduction to supervisor training to increase skills in team leadership with MASST & DVR
  10. Suggested meetings be recorded and then suggested software to take voice recordings and convert to text.
  11. Voice recorder and software will be installed on my computer and I am learning how to do this to make meeting minutes easier to produce.
  12. Assisted in facilitating the replacement of large copier when equipment failed… still in progress
  13. Setup statistic tracking for CPR waivers based on city, agency etc now in DS3
  14. Suggest that SDS do a provider survey via Survey monkey modeling the required surveys that providers have to send to us during recertification.. need to do revisions based on feedback. Draft questions for the survey
  15. Research who to talk to and get the survey online
  16. Mail merge labels and discover that Word skips one entry per page resulting in the need to adjust mail out lists to ensure that all letters/labels are created
  17. Suggested HAB home tracker be done using DS3 vs setting up another Excel spreadsheet tracker
  18. Keep CIR training up to date in DS3
  19. Keep CPR waiver info in DS3 and up to date (75 waivers from start of calendar year)
  20. Trained Nancy in file creation/maintenance increased computer proficiency a little
  21. Will be training both MASST to do Sharepoint Archiving this week

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