What’s my niche?

What do I really want for a career? I know it won’t be a job or just a paycheck. I really need something that makes my heart sing. But what is the “thing” that would do that?
I have a number of things I love doing. I love to help others but I hate sales and retail. I love to help those who want my help and seek out my knowledge. I will bend over backwards to come up with everything I can to answer their problem or issue. If it’s in my power to do it I will. Yes, that kind of work makes my heart sing.
I want to also learn. Anyone who wants to learn something from me likely has something they can teach too. So I want to learn from others. If that is from a book or talking to them or information they can share or things they could do for me all the better.

But really what is this elusive career called? Happiness Creator? Information Sharer? Information Coordinator?

I think it has to do with information and data and that is partially why I love building reports and tracking processes and information. Add in some writing and statistics and even a dash of accounting or inventory management, it might be the right mix. I manage information very well. I can manage people fairly well. I can do it and enjoy it but only if I’ve chosen my team.
I would love to do something with code as well as writing content. Small code tweaks are fun and challenging which provides a great learning opportunity.
Favorite things to do:

    • Code
    • Document management
    • Document creating
    • Format
    • Writing
    • Reports
    • Data processing
    • Help others
    • Troubleshooting
    • Draft Patterns
    • Sew

Realistically, I am best at #2-9 with a hobby level love of 1, 10 & 11 but in the right job I am kick butt at them as well (formally trained in #10 & 11) I just haven’t found the right combination that lets me make a living doing them!

#2-9 are things that are part of my current day job and are the best parts of it. If I was to be perfectly honest the things that dive me crazy about my current job are the hard copy files. They are a MESS and have been from the start. Only recently have they started to look good and even now there are some issues which thankfully keeping an electronic duplicate of the file can fix.

What do I do well and enjoy and where does that intersect a living for me? Computers, documents, data and how can it help others either informatively or to do their job more efficiently. If the job let me either draft or sew as well I would love it even more as I would be using ALL of my education not just the Bachelors degrees!

So does anyone have ideas for job titles that fit this description to use for search terms or any instant setup businesses (LOL I know no such thing!) to try?

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