Responsibilities & Duties Expanded

    • Charged with design and development of Provider Certification & Compliance Internal SharePoint Site (Site Owner permissions)
    • Develop transition plan for team use of Share Point Site including Team Discussion Moderation, File Library and feature setup
    • Provide team with weekly charts showing application processing status
    • Participate in work groups for new regulations & new application offering ideas, & suggestions on requirements, processes & design
    • Provide technical assistance within scope of Quality Assurance, Provider Certification & Compliance
    • Team Lead for up to 3 volunteers; training & assigning tasks, checking work as needed
    • Screen Certification Packets, checking for completeness & updating databases as required
    • Manage multiple group e-mail boxes; directing messages or resolving issues as needed
    • Write & post various articles or pages on multiple sites
    • Manage & update up to 16 sites & blogs
    • Participate in a variety of business promotional activities on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other groups & forums
    • Responsible for the CPR & First Aid training waivers processing
    • Receptionist duties; dealing with callers in crisis or seeking information, direct calls as appropriate
    • Support staff for Quality Assurance Unit, Provider Certification (team of 6) & Quality Assurance, Recipient Services (team of 8)

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