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sample BattlePlanI am looking for a challenge! Something that will keep me busy, learning, something I do well and enjoy. I want to help others in an office or share what I know with others. I want to write, create, generate reports, break new computer systems and help find the issues with a build. I want to help managers communicate with IT people who can program solutions to problems. I want to solve problems even if only temporarily with workarounds until better options are built. I want to help people work smarter not harder. I love computers specifically software but a little hardware can be fun. I have found a love for surprisingly, statistics and Excel. I like working with databases and generating reports that help others do their jobs better. I even like entering the data that provide the information for the reports. Those are a few of the things I would LOVE to do for a company, big, small, for profit or non-profit, on site in the Valley or online as virtual support.

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