“Other Duties as Assigned”

I have a few things I do on a once in a while basis that could come under the “Other Duties as Assigned” category. I love technical support type work within my office unit and even within other units. I am always willing to try to solve a mystery or problem before I call for the regular techs. I’ve even been asked to take on a couple odd projects for the IT staff based on my “Geek Credentials”. Some of these odd things include:

When I started I was told I would have to “become one with the copier”. Being the daughter of a now retired copier tech who taught me how to tear apart machines and get them put back together correctly, I didn’t think much of this until I was confronted with the HP9500 copiers at work.

There was one in the Quality Assurance Unit and another nearby for the Executive Suite. When one or the other and sometimes both went down I would do everything I could to get them running. After one episode of running between the two with chronic jamming I finally threw in the towel and declared a “three strikes rule”. Simply put, I’d give it 3 tries and then call for repair. When we finally replaced the dying machines I was delighted.

A second example was when IT started the process of upgrading computers from Office 2003 to Office 2007. The cursed ribbon caused havoc with a co-worker when her computer died and she got a new computer with 2007 on it. Her settings, tools and everything she knew how to do easily were gone in a few minutes. Being her clerical support she turned to me for help getting it all reset.

I unfortunately, did NOT have a copy of 2007 and spent most of the day Googling how to do things and getting some of her settings back. By mid-day my boss and I were on the phone with IT asking for me to be upgraded as well so I could help more. Our favorite tech was upgrading my computer by the end of the day with a promise that I’d be the first in the unit to get the next version when it had to be upgraded again. He really appreciated that I was willing to jump in to help get my unit running smoothly with the new version.

When we did upgrade again to 2010 I was the first as promised to get it. I noticed several issues with the build and added detailed tickets to the help desk system. Several were simple fixes and other we’ve had to do workarounds for just because it would require a full redo of the image and redeployment on hundreds of computers. So, we simply look forward to the next upgrade and hope that the next build does not have the same bugs.

Another unofficial “Other Duty” was a request from the IT Manager to change out the daily backup tapes. I was recommended by one of the techs and handed a key to the server room.

I have had a variety and continue to have a variety of interesting “Other Duties” assigned to me. Everything from server backups to breaking and testing software, to figuring out workarounds when the current software just didn’t do what was needed. I am never afraid of jumping in but I also know when it is out of my knowledge base and usually know who to turn to for help or advice.

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