Friday will be my last day….

imageThe last day I can use the excuse:  “I’m just the clerk” For you see by Tuesday (long holiday weekend coming here), I will no longer be a clerk. Nope, not an Office Assistant I or II or an Administrative Clerk II or anything clerical related. As of Tuesday I will officially be a:

Senior Services Technician!

Yes, this means I have been upgraded, re-classed into the job I should have been in to start with. Actually be in the CORRECT job classification for the duties I have been performing for the last several years. You see, when I started with the state 5 years ago I really was a clerk whom it was rapidly discovered and kept secret for a while that was in disguise… I’m really a technically minded GEEK. One who loves charts, graphs, reports and of all things statistics and tracking information. I love databases and especially being told to go break one while it’s in testing! At one meeting early on in my career with the state, someone asked me some statistical, data related question and I popped off with ” I don’t know nothing, I’m just the clerk!” With that simple sentence I deer trailed the meeting as every professional around me proceeded to lecture me that I was so much more etc etc that after that it became a running joke….Friday I can no longer fall back on that joke! Am I sad about it? A teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy piece of me is the rest is jumping with immense JOY!!!!

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