Search Tool Business Document 7-2013

When we had a change of regulations in 2013, that prompted a big change in our database, which in turn broke a few things including a web based interactive search tool. This was the business document I was asked to develop upon my discovery of the broken tool. It not only fixed the issue, it added some improved functionality that the division had wanted for a couple years. Update: The changes to the Provider Search Tool are complete and can be seen live on the Senior & Disabilities Website. Additional changes have also been made to the Submit Corrections form as well recently.
Provider Name
ACME Agency
Mailing Address
123 Bozo, Anchorage, AK 99666
Geographical Area Served
Anchorage South Central
Waivers Served
Services Offered
Chore Respite Transportation Personal Care Attendant Residential Supported Living
Care Coordinators
Person 1, Person 2
  Search based on
  1. Provider Name (text box search)
  2. City (physical) (drop down)
  3. Geographical Area served (drop down) Secondary area? (drop down)
  4. Waivers spelled out (drop down)
  5. Services (drop down)
Providers who return results should have:
  1. Active status
  2. Current end dates
  3. All Active services
  4. Show agents and/or renderers
  5. Show waivers served
  6. Show all services provided
  7. Show mailing address
  8. Show phone
  9. Show fax
  10. Show email
Do not show:
  • Provider numbers
  • Rates
  • Provider Status is active end date is June 30 2013 should not show
  • Service status is active end date is May 31-2013 should not show
  • Can we get an internal report to tell us who this type of agency is so they can be corrected?

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