Project Management & Change

Changes can be small and subtle or massive in scope and impact. Having a plan for some of the larger changes in life can help make change not as overwhelming. A project plan can help by giving you a place to write up a task list and give yourself due dates and the option to delegate to someone else. It can also track costs and time requirements. Project plans can be large and cumbersome as in large projects for work or they can be simple as in a simple task list with names and due dates next to each item. The tools for larger projects such as building something, moving or large group projects can be managed by a large list of programs from Microsoft Project to Planner (Open Source) along with a wide variety of online tools in between. It depends on how many people you have involved in the project as to what kind of system you might need. Most of the projects I do are along the lines of task lists with due dates and potential delegation names. For this I use a form I created in Voice Recorder in various sizes. It depends on the project as to what size I use. I have a half page planner that I use in my purse for short term projects that I just hand write what is needed. I also have a full size planner I type up formal plans into for work projects so I can hang them on the wall and see what I have going on visually. For me the benefit of a simple project planner is that I can see what is going on at a glance and I know what is next on that project’s list even if the list is not in date order. Build a project plan for anything and everything that is more complex than a good dinner! What do you plan?

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