Software Programmer & Technical Writer

What can I do for YOU? There are a great many things I can do for you. My skills range from technical writing to building process improvement solutions to website development.

I am a technical writer

 with experience in writing procedures for using software.

I can target instructions to the level of the audience as well for presentations.

I am a wizard with software,

from basics to macros and things they weren’t originally programmed to do (mass e-mail merge PDF files through Outlook).

I am a business analyst

who specializes in facilitating communication between IT & managers.

I excel at improving processes, writing detailed procedures and project management.

I excel at developing data tracking systems and reports in SharePoint & PowerBI as well as aggregating data from databases and formatting it for presentations.

I’m a  published author, honors graduate and amateur photographer. I am all these things and so much more! I am ready to use my skills to take your business to the next level!

I am now ready for my next adventure!


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