Skills Expanded

Website Development

  • Web site design & maintenance of hand coded websites
  • Install & maintain WordPress sites
  • Proficient in white hat SEO techniques
  • Track keywords, visitors & other analytical data for each site
  • Troubleshoot hosting issues

Software & Programming

  • MS Office, MS Project, Master Certified Office; Open Office
  • SharePoint (site owner)
  • Visio, Star UML, Dia,
  • Corel Draw, Inscape, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro
  • HTML, CSS, WordPress, Javascript, Visual basic, BASIC A, Perl
  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
  • Windows 3.1, 95, XP, Server 2003, Win 7; Linux Suse, Ubuntu; Android
  • File Maker Pro, Citrix, Dreamweaver


  • Communicates effectively with both technical & non-technical users
  • Software & hardware user support
  • Troubleshoot Office 2003, 2007 & 2010, peripherals, network printers & laptops
  • Create templates to generate reports
  • Develop Statistics report for use in grants
  • Develop training materials for various processes, present to co-workers & management
  • Design charts & graphs for Department, State & Federal reports
  • Design, develop & maintain multiple websites & blogs
  • Mail merge letters & labels creating both forms, letters & spreadsheets as necessary
  • Input client data & statistics into database


  • Write marketing plans for businesses
  • Develop advertising for various business websites
  • Search engine submission, classified ad placement, online groups marketing where appropriate

Writing - Business, Creative & Technical

  • Policy & procedure development
  • Maintain records of files & version controls
  • Write technically detailed, illustrated instructions for processes & doll patterns
  • Write, proofread & edit professional correspondence communicating important information & requirements to recipients in clear & concise manner
  • Proofread for grammar, style, content & spelling
  • Grant writing based on data, knowledge & interviews with SMEs
  • Follow guidelines for APA papers

Business Management

  • Manage small business including product development, class development, web design & maintenance, marketing & budget
  • Brainstorm process improvements, make suggestions, implement approved plans & write technical documents for process revising as necessary
  • Research & write business, marketing, & merchandising plans
  • Project management including task management, goals, timelines and GANTT Charts
  • Set project goals, determine risks, prepare contingency plan, & time line for achievement
  • Collect & analyze data on customers to identify potential markets


  • Ability to understand, analyze, apply, & explain complex program statutes, regulations, policies, & procedures
  • Adjust work flow to complete critical tasks in a timely manner
  • Develop specific process for processing archival & off site storage of files
  • Brainstorm ways to streamline the administrative processes
  • Procurement of supplies for equipment & team
  • Answer phones & questions from the public
  • Process all incoming mail & any special handling for outgoing mail


  • Organizing training sessions; materials gathering, staff/location coordination, equipment setup
  • Develop class curriculum
  • Teach computer classes to adults
  • Teach goal setting workshops
  • Develop basic computer classes or work one on one with students to develop skills
  • Answer student questions about various software applications
  • Aid students in preparation for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams
  • Distance Education Teacher for pattern drafting classes
  • Assist with craft projects in a school & camp setting
  • Develop classes & teach as a Camp Counselor
  • Provide additional adult supervision & support to 20+ student pre-school classroom
  • Yard duty including maintaining observation of rules by youngsters

Career Development

  • Assess clients for barriers & brainstorm ways to overcome them
  • Draft & edit resumes, cover letters & other business correspondence
  • Confer with clients to determine what program will be most helpful
  • Conduct job-matching to find good fit between clients & hiring companies
  • Direct clients to appropriate resources & assists clients in their use of outside assistance

Additional Skills

  • Trouble shoot pattern drafting problems
  • Draft patterns, computer trouble shooting
  • Maintain and QC 1500+ files ensuring all items required by regulation are present in folders
  • Process 1500+ incoming applications, distribute to reviewers and issue reminder letters to providers who are untimely
  • Sort and filter 500+ emails monthly ensuring each is categorized correctly for processing by myself or team members
  • Process over 5,000 files for archives or off site storage equaling over 160 cubic feet of paper

Unique Skills & Titles Not on a "Normal" Resume

  • Pothole Dodging
  • File Assembly with my Eyes Closed
  • Sewing in 1/2″ scale
  • Pattern Drafting in 1″ Scale
  • Wikipedia Editor
  • Chocolate Manager
  • Wizard
  • Magician
  • Sorceress
  • Miracle Worker
  • Copier Repair Know It All
  • Division’s Squirrel
  • DS3 Order Keeper

Responsibilities & Duties Expanded

    • Charged with design and development of Provider Certification & Compliance Internal SharePoint Site (Site Owner permissions)
    • Develop transition plan for team use of Share Point Site including Team Discussion Moderation, File Library and feature setup
    • Provide team with weekly charts showing application processing status
    • Participate in work groups for new regulations & new application offering ideas, & suggestions on requirements, processes & design
    • Provide technical assistance within scope of Quality Assurance, Provider Certification & Compliance
    • Team Lead for up to 3 volunteers; training & assigning tasks, checking work as needed
    • Screen Certification Packets, checking for completeness & updating databases as required
    • Manage multiple group e-mail boxes; directing messages or resolving issues as needed
    • Write & post various articles or pages on multiple sites
    • Manage & update up to 16 sites & blogs
    • Participate in a variety of business promotional activities on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other groups & forums
    • Responsible for the CPR & First Aid training waivers processing
    • Receptionist duties; dealing with callers in crisis or seeking information, direct calls as appropriate
    • Support staff for Quality Assurance Unit, Provider Certification (team of 6) & Quality Assurance, Recipient Services (team of 8)
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