Life Cycle of a Provider

Please keep in mind this was one of many drafts I did for the process but it serves well to show the level of detail I put into my writing. It is now an old procedure and has no HIPPA violations as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse House and Acme are NOT real but were used frequently as test records in the database system. Please also note that DS3 is no longer used by the State of Alaska as well. Yes, it is very long (80… Continue reading

Skill Ranks

Web Design87% SEO Services76% WordPress Sites95% 87% Web Design 76% SEO Services 90% WordPress Development 55% Brand Marketing

Sue Darby ~ Technical Writer

Technical instructions for a variety of technical topics. <b><i>I</i></b> am a <b style=”font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;”><i>technical writer</i></b> with experience in writing procedures for using software. I excel at writing for any audience.</p><p style=”line-height: 115%; margin: 6.0pt 0in 6.0pt 0in;”>I am a <b><i>data analyst</i></b> with 15+ years experience using Excel. I excel at developing data tracking systems and reports in SharePoint as well as aggregating data from databases and formatting it for presentations. I am a business analyst who specializes in facilitating communication between IT & managers…. Continue reading

Resume June 2017

Sue Darby Resume

Sue Darby 907-707-5654 | [email protected] | Business Analyst | Technical Writer | Software Support I am seeking full time work and have over 20 years of experience as an advanced computer user and writer. I have been proven to be detail oriented in determining the requirements for both users and technical staff providing a unique bridge between management and technical staff. Creative in the use of technology to solve problems and create detailed business processes. Areas of expertise include: ✏ Content Management Systems ✏… Continue reading