10 Things Important to Me in a Job

This goes with my Reverse Job Description. Make a list of up to 10 things you feel are important to you in a job. Then a list of up to 10 things important to you in a company or employer. 1.     Challenging work that changes mysteries to solve 2.     Management that understands what the workers actually do 3.     Some routine work quick simple items that gives a sense of accomplishment 4.     Management that will pitch in with even the low level tasks 5.     Coworkers who… Continue reading

Reverse Job Description

Everyone has to read a job description to see if you meet the qualifications of the company but what if we, as job seekers were to publish our own job descriptions? Something that defines the job we’re looking for, the company culture, boss, tasks and location we’re after. It could be something that we can add to a resume or cover letter pointing out what our criteria is and how well the company matches us for a change. It could also be an “Other Document”… Continue reading