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Everyone has to read a job description to see if you meet the qualifications of the company but what if we, as job seekers were to publish our own job descriptions? Something that defines the job we’re looking for, the company culture, boss, tasks and location we’re after. It could be something that we can add to a resume or cover letter pointing out what our criteria is and how well the company matches us for a change. It could also be an “Other Document” that can highlight how well we’ve researched our target company finding tidbits and trivia that may just be public information but still require research that is attached to an application.

I built a reverse job description several months ago based on what I dislike most about my current job and what I wanted to avoid and wanted to be doing soon. Interestingly enough, I was able to define what I want in a boss, company and job tasks that would make me happy etc. Even better a potential job is in the process of opening up that just about meets everything including location and compensation requirements, the only thing I have to do is be patient.

Here’s part of my list and even if you build a list and never publish it, it can be a very useful tool for identifying if an opportunity and company meet your criteria!

The company

  • Forward thinking
  • Profitable or high benefit to helping society or the environment with enough in funding to function well
  • Has an active future plan that includes revenue growth
  • Functions within budget
  • Includes staff in plans while forming not after choices are made
  • Actively seeks ideas and feedback from staff
  • Seeks to build not just small teams for certain functions but to bring whole group of teams into one large team demonstrating that each team has a purpose in the big picture
  • Explains the big picture and how everyone from the clerk and janitor contribute

The Boss

  • Fair but firm
  • Timely decision making – “later” is not an option nor is crossing the bridge when we get there… PROACTIVE PLANNING
  • Clear expectations and goal setting
  • Proactive work projects
  • Open door policy
  • Gets to know individuals on team including moods, likes and dislikes
  • Knows enough to do anyone’s job for a few days

The Job

  • Short, medium and long term project based
  • Variety of assignments
  • Set goals for each project with clear expectations of deliverables and timelines
  • Variety of new software to learn
  • Opportunity to teach and learn
  • Primarily computer based in software or programming or writing


  • $35+/hr ($60k+/yr)
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Team getaways specifically to get to know other teams
  • Continuing education or conferences


  • Remote
  • If remote then flexible work hours based on timezones
  • Mat-Su Valley of Alaska

What I want

  • Computer based tracking systems that are up to date
  • Research and learning are highly encouraged
  • Support with projects when needed
  • Any down time can be used for classes and learning
  • Freedom to prioritize work within reason
  • Variety of tasks that make a difference
  • Ability to see where my work fits in
  • Short productive meetings
  • Tools to keep in touch such as chat and message boards in addition to email
  • Cross training in other teams and other jobs with or without the background for the job
  • Mobile tools for use when needed
  • Helps others mutually supportive
  • Power to do experiment and mess up within reason
  • Computer that has the power to keep up with multitasking

What do you think?

File Maintenance

Pile of files I came back to after taking a long weekend....

Pile of files I came back to after taking a long weekend….

While being a clerk has been one of my titles the same duties carried over to being a Senior Services Tech. The number of files for provider certification has varied over the years but has always been more than 800. That is agencies and individual care coordinators that the division certifies. Each of those providers has multiple files. A hard file, an electronic file and a database entry. Each has to reflect the others and older materials have to be archived just in case there is an audit in the future. The processes I complete almost unconsciously have been either developed or modified by me in the last several years. I do the primary process of issuing reminder letters, entering providers and various notes into the database and preparing the file for review. After the review process is complete I take the final file and add it to a current file replacing older materials and archiving them or creating a complete new file as needed. During this file process I check that the required items are present via a tagging system developed internally that matches a checklist. Any files with errors are returned to the worker who signed off on the application for corrections. In addition to the certified agencies there are a number of other agencies or providers that the division cares about and it has fallen to me to keep track of these providers as well. Some are a once a year quick database only update and others require detailed maintenance and changes as part of the general certification process as they are a setting that is contracted to a certified provider. No matter what the number of provider records I maintain numbers over 1200. An additional type of file I care for is the closed providers which by the time the file gets to me I have to deconstruct and label it to enter it into a separate database. This is a tracking system I am one of the administrators for and have steered many changes and improvements to the system. This is just a teeny peek at a segment of the things I do.


mosmaster Office Suites: Master Certified MS Office 2003, MS Office 95-2013, MS Outlook, MS Project, MS Visio, MS SharePoint 2007-2010, OneNote, Open Office, Adobe Pro X and XI Databases: MMIS, DS3, Citrix, Access, Enterprise, COGNOS Graphic Art Suites: Corel Draw,  Paint Shop Pro, Visio,  Dia, Freemind Operating Systems: Windows 3.1-10, DOS 3.3, Ubuntu, Android Open Source: KingSoft Office, Open Office, Scribus, GIMP, Inkscape, TaskUnifier, Star UML, Freemind, NotePad++, Komodo Edit Cloud Based: Evernote, Toodledo, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, TweetDeck, Hootsuite Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, G+, GitHub, Pinterest, YahooGroups, Webrings CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Joomla Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, VisualBasic.NET, BASIC A  

What are my three favorite accomplishments?

  1. Published author. I’ve written and published two books a hundred patterns and many articles in several magazines.
  2. Placed at the State Fair. One of my published articles is also the first-place winner at the Alaska State Fair. Little Bo Peep (Kitty Collier) and her sheep (Tiny Betsy) are two of my best and my favorite patterns.
  3. The number of degrees and certificates and certifications I have earned. Two bachelor’s degrees, two associates degrees, three certificates and six certifications. I’d love to put all that education to work and use everything I know even the fashion design certificate!
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Skills Expanded

Website Development

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  • Web site design & maintenance of hand coded websites
  • Install & maintain WordPress sites
  • Proficient in white hat SEO techniques
  • Track keywords, visitors & other analytical data for each site
  • Troubleshoot hosting issues

  • Software & Programming

    • MS Office, MS Project, Master Certified Office; Open Office
    • SharePoint (site owner)
    • Visio, Star UML, Dia,
    • Corel Draw, Inscape, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro
    • HTML, CSS, WordPress, Javascript, Visual basic, BASIC A, Perl
    • Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
    • Windows 3.1, 95, XP, Server 2003, Win 7; Linux Suse, Ubuntu; Android
    • File Maker Pro, Citrix, Dreamweaver


    • Communicates effectively with both technical & non-technical users
    • Software & hardware user support
    • Troubleshoot Office 2003, 2007 & 2010, peripherals, network printers & laptops
    • Create templates to generate reports
    • Develop Statistics report for use in grants
    • Develop training materials for various processes, present to co-workers & management
    • Design charts & graphs for Department, State & Federal reports
    • Design, develop & maintain multiple websites & blogs
    • Mail merge letters & labels creating both forms, letters & spreadsheets as necessary
    • Input client data & statistics into database


    • Write marketing plans for businesses
    • Develop advertising for various business websites
    • Search engine submission, classified ad placement, online groups marketing where appropriate

    Writing – Business, Creative & Technical

    • Policy & procedure development
    • Maintain records of files & version controls
    • Write technically detailed, illustrated instructions for processes & doll patterns
    • Write, proofread & edit professional correspondence communicating important information & requirements to recipients in clear & concise manner
    • Proofread for grammar, style, content & spelling
    • Grant writing based on data, knowledge & interviews with SMEs
    • Follow guidelines for APA papers

    Business Management

    • Manage small business including product development, class development, web design & maintenance, marketing & budget
    • Brainstorm process improvements, make suggestions, implement approved plans & write technical documents for process revising as necessary
    • Research & write business, marketing, & merchandising plans
    • Project management including task management, goals, timelines and GANTT Charts
    • Set project goals, determine risks, prepare contingency plan, & time line for achievement
    • Collect & analyze data on customers to identify potential markets


    • Ability to understand, analyze, apply, & explain complex program statutes, regulations, policies, & procedures
    • Adjust work flow to complete critical tasks in a timely manner
    • Develop specific process for processing archival & off site storage of files
    • Brainstorm ways to streamline the administrative processes
    • Procurement of supplies for equipment & team
    • Answer phones & questions from the public
    • Process all incoming mail & any special handling for outgoing mail


    • Organizing training sessions; materials gathering, staff/location coordination, equipment setup
    • Develop class curriculum
    • Teach computer classes to adults
    • Teach goal setting workshops
    • Develop basic computer classes or work one on one with students to develop skills
    • Answer student questions about various software applications
    • Aid students in preparation for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams
    • Distance Education Teacher for pattern drafting classes
    • Assist with craft projects in a school & camp setting
    • Develop classes & teach as a Camp Counselor
    • Provide additional adult supervision & support to 20+ student pre-school classroom
    • Yard duty including maintaining observation of rules by youngsters

    Career Development

    • Assess clients for barriers & brainstorm ways to overcome them
    • Draft & edit resumes, cover letters & other business correspondence
    • Confer with clients to determine what program will be most helpful
    • Conduct job-matching to find good fit between clients & hiring companies
    • Direct clients to appropriate resources & assists clients in their use of outside assistance

    Additional Skills

    • Trouble shoot pattern drafting problems
    • Draft patterns, computer trouble shooting
    • Maintain and QC 1500+ files ensuring all items required by regulation are present in folders
    • Process 1500+ incoming applications, distribute to reviewers and issue reminder letters to providers who are untimely
    • Sort and filter 500+ emails monthly ensuring each is categorized correctly for processing by myself or team members
    • Process over 5,000 files for archives or off site storage equaling over 160 cubic feet of paper

    Unique Skills & Titles Not on a “Normal” Resume

    • Pothole Dodging
    • File Assembly with my Eyes Closed
    • Sewing in 1/2″ scale
    • Pattern Drafting in 1″ Scale
    • Wikipedia Editor
    • Chocolate Manager
    • Wizard
    • Magician
    • Sorceress
    • Miracle Worker
    • Copier Repair Know It All
    • Division’s Squirrel
    • DS3 Order Keeper
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