Gone to the Dungeon

So today’s big project was a file inventory. We have hard files still, although that is slowly going digital finally. The gremlins and dragons in the dungeon otherwise known as the file room had left a big mess. Today’s task was to find all the files that were not supposed… Continue reading

Way of the Jedi

Way of the Jedi

While wandering Facebook in 2017 Guardians of the Force┬áposted this and I couldn’t resist a little update to one of my favorite term papers: Note this is an older writing sample and thus I am NOT linking the resources that were used as a few of them have likely been… Continue reading

12 ways to make people SMILE!

There are many things that can be done to improve a person’s day. These are only a few. Thank random people in uniform for their service to society. You may end up making a new friend or learning something about the world from someone with firsthand experience.Did you know it… Continue reading