Sue Darby

Technical instructions for a variety of technical topics. <b><i>S</i></b><b><i>ue Darby</i></b> is a wizard with software, from basics to macros and things they weren’t originally programmed to do <a href=””>(mass e-mail merge PDF files through Outlook)</a>. She writes technical instructions from “This is the mouse” level to anything new that she’s done only once or twice. She can target instructions to the level of the audience as well for presentations. She also installs, sets up, maintains and secures efficient <a href=””>WordPress websites</a>. She is a  <a href=””>published… Continue reading

File Maintenance

While being a clerk has been one of my titles the same duties carried over to being a Senior Services Tech. The number of files for provider certification has varied over the years but has always been more than 800. That is agencies and individual care coordinators that the division certifies.   Each of those providers has multiple files. A hard file, an electronic file and a database entry. Each has to reflect the others and older materials have to be archived just in case… Continue reading

Habilitation Providers

The State has several types of providers who were previously “invisible” to management statistically. We knew they exist but really did not know exactly who they were or where the clients were. Frequently, the clients served were placed in a wrong environment and all sorts of havoc would happen when something went wrong. My supervisor was agonizing over the issue one afternoon and I could hear her snarling to herself in her office across from me. After a while of listening I decided to take… Continue reading


Skill Sets Office Suites: Master Certified MS Office 2003, MS Office 95-2013, MS Outlook, MS Project, MS Visio, MS SharePoint 2007-2010, OneNote, Open Office, Adobe Pro X and XI Databases: MMIS, DS3, Citrix, Access, Enterprise, COGNOS Graphic Art Suites: Corel Draw,  Paint Shop Pro, Visio,  Dia, Freemind Operating Systems: Windows 3.1-10, DOS 3.3, Ubuntu, Android Open Source: KingSoft Office, Open Office, Scribus, GIMP, Inkscape, TaskUnifier, Star UML, Freemind, NotePad++, Komodo Edit Cloud Based: Evernote, Toodledo, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, TweetDeck, Hootsuite Social Media: Facebook, Twitter,… Continue reading

Achievement – The Provider Search Tool

I discovered that a public search tool was broken due to recent regulation changes and database updates. It is a crucial tool for clients to use to find providers of services and our providers use to market or find other providers to help clients as well. I was tasked with building the requirements document to fix the issue and improve the results generated as I understood what the providers, Quality Assurance, Provider Certification and the clients all needed and could explain it to the IT… Continue reading

Cost Savings Records Requests

The State of Alaska or any government is really inefficient at saving money. At the start of my state service one of the first things I had to do was a Records Request for the Department of Law. This included gathering a decade of hard copy file folders and manually copying every page in each folder. While busily monitoring the copier since it broke frequently and ensuring that nothing was double sided and thus would have to be copied and inserted separately, I started thinking… Continue reading


Business Sue’s Tiny Costumes Entrepreneur, Owner, Webmaster, Technical Writer, Designer, Author Oct 1995-Present Alaska Office Specialists Entrepreneur, Owner, Webmaster, Technical Writer, Designer, Author Oct 2008-Present Craft Pattern Emporium Entrepreneur, Owner, Webmaster, Technical Writer, Designer, Author Oct 2008-Present Books, Music & More! Entrepreneur, Owner, Webmaster, Technical Writer, Designer, Author Oct 2008-Present Coffee Institute Entrepreneur, Owner, Webmaster, Technical Writer, Designer, Author Oct 2008-Present Professional State of Alaska Division of Senior & Disabilities Services Senior Services Technician Feb 2014-Dec 2017 Office Assistant II Nov 2011-Feb 2014 Admin Clerk… Continue reading