XML Resume

I plan to edit and add to this XML resume in the coming days and weeks, for now this is a nice skeleton hand developed and coded. <?xml version=”1.0 encoding=”UTF-8″ ? > <resume> <name>Sue Darby</name> <phone>907-707-5654</phone> <email>[email protected]</email> <website>www.sue-a-darby.com</website> <website>www.linkedin.com/in/suedarby</website> <title>Technical Writer, software Documentation, Software Support</title> <summary>Sue is a master of software applications both old and new. She enjoys both learning new applications and teaching other how to use those applications via written and illustrated tutorials documentation and chat.</summary> <skills> <skill>XML, JSON, HTML, CSS</skill> <skill>Microsoft Office,… Continue reading

What’s my niche?

What do I really want for a career? I know it won’t be a job or just a paycheck. I really need something that makes my heart sing. But what is the “thing” that would do that? I have a number of things I love doing. I love to help others but I hate sales and retail. I love to help those who want my help and seek out my knowledge. I will bend over backwards to come up with everything I can to answer their… Continue reading