File Maintenance

While being a clerk has been one of my titles the same duties carried over to being a Senior Services Tech. The number of files for provider certification has varied over the years but has always been more than 800. That is agencies and individual care coordinators that the division… Continue reading

Habilitation Providers

The State has several types of providers who were previously “invisible” to management statistically. We knew they exist but really did not know exactly who they were or where the clients were. Frequently, the clients served were placed in a wrong environment and all sorts of havoc would happen when… Continue reading

Education Expanded

Education Bachelors– Alpha Beta Kappa – Dean’s List Business Management Practice Business Management & Technology Associates Business Management Practice Business Management & Technology Certificate Office Applications April 2006 to April 2009 Charter College Anchorage, AK Relevant Classes Technical Writing, Research Methodologies, Project Management, Telecommunications, Statistics, Business Law, Contract Management, Human… Continue reading