Sample Resume- Kris Kringle Career Development, Work Sample

Sample Resume- Kris Kringle Career Development, Work Sample

Even Santa should have a good resume. This was a sample resume created to make clients and co-workers alike smile at the collection of skills that Kris Kringle has.

Kris Kringle

Objective: To obtain a full time position in Senior Management

Qualifications Summary

  • Twinkling eyes, merry dimples
  • Cheeks like roses, nose like a cherry
  • Little round belly that shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly
  • Knowledgeable connoisseur of milk and cookies
  • Works extremely well with every culture and background on the planet
  • Experienced in care, feeding and direction of reindeer

Relevant Skills and Experience


  • Over 100 years experience supervising indeterminate number of employees
  • Known for highest toy production rates on the globe
  • Maintains production for constantly increasing clientele base
  • Consistent timely production rates
  • Provided compassionate work environment for height challenged


  • Knows when clients are sleeping
  • Knows when clients are awake
  • Knows who has been bad or good

Time Management

  • Utilizes reverse time management to accomplish undetermined number of tasks in a single day
  • Maintains strict production schedule
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Willing odd and unusual hours including holidays

Relevant Work/Volunteer Experience

  • Santa Claus North Pole Toy Factory North Pole

Education & Training

  • PhD Child Psychology World University
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