XML Resume

I plan to edit and add to this XML resume in the coming days and weeks, for now this is a nice skeleton hand developed and coded.

<?xml version=”1.0 encoding=”UTF-8″ ? >

<name>Sue Darby</name>


<email>[email protected]</email>



<title>Technical Writer, software Documentation, Software Support</title>

<summary>Sue is a master of software applications both old and new. She enjoys both learning new applications and teaching other how to use those applications via written and illustrated tutorials documentation and chat.</summary>


<skill>XML, JSON, HTML, CSS</skill>

<skill>Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office, Google Docs & Spreadsheets</skill>

<skill>DITA, Scapple, Scrivener<Scribus, Publisher</skill>

<skill>Corel Draw, Inkscape, Gimp</skill>

<skill>Present information to technical and non-technical users</skill>

<skill>Digital Verbal & Written Communication</skill>



<jobtitle>Technical Writer</jobtitle>

<company>Alaska Office Specialists</company>





<achievement>5+ Websites are demonstrations of website coding, writing and maintenance</email>

<email>Author, illustrate and diagram 10+ instructions & articles written with an end user in mind</email>

<email>Author XML documents</email>


<jobtitle>Technical Writer, Published Author</jobtitle>

<company>Sue’s Tiny Costumes</company>





<achievement>Published author of 2 books with articles in 4 magazines ~ “Pattern Drafting for Miniatures” & “Pattern Making for Dolls”, International Doll Magazine”, “Doll Castle News”, “Dolls, Bears & Anywears”, & “Dolls In Miniature “</achievement>



<jobtitle>Board Secretary</jobtitle>

<company>Alaska Coalition for Telehealth & TeleMedicine</company>





<achievement>Participate in discussions on regulations and effects of Telehealth and Telemedicine in Alaska</achievement>


<jobtitle>Senior Services Technician</jobtitle>

<company>State of Alaska<company>





<achievement>66% increase in workflow via macro design, programming, development and implementation</achievement>


<jobtitle>Computer Instructor & Career Development Mentor</jobtitle>

<company>Nine Star Education & Employment</company>





<achievement>50% improved time management; reduce management’s information systems data entry</achievement>




<school>Charter College</school>


<degree>Bachelors of Science Business Management & Information Technology</degree>

<honors>Alpha Beta Kappa</honors>



Sue Darby
Technical Writer & Data Analyst | I diagram processes to make manuals. Master of Excel.
I am an experienced talent on the labor market. I’m an explorer, ready for adventures. I’m an achiever, who is willing to work hard to reach goals.

Adept with formatting programs, content management systems, office suites and code. I excel at improving workflows and documenting processes. I’m known for my ability to accomplish assignments and projects on time thanks to my project management skills. Skilled in a variety of programming & markup languages I never want to stop learning! I’m a collaborative team member, getting along well with people around me.

I can target technical instructions to the level of the audience as well for presentations. I also install, set up, maintain and secure WordPress websites. I am a published author, honors graduate and amateur photographer.

Continuous personal development and adaptability are in high demand in a fast-changing work environment, thus sharing my knowledge is important to me. I’m determined to have a positive impact – not only on the working environment but on the whole of society. Creativity is one of my strengths and I’m always up to try something new. I am a great asset to a team!

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