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Brooks College of Fashion Design

Brooks was where I truly discovered that I am good at sewing and a natural talent for pattern drafting "by the numbers". I only spent a year here, learned a lot and transferred to Solano due to finances.

Fashion Design Certificate

Solano College is in Suisun, California roughly an hour travel from San Francisco depending on Bay Area traffic and time of day! It is a local community college and where I learned the art of pattern making by computer as well as a love of teaching computer skills. This was where I learned to draft in miniature, sew tiny, fine rolled hems on silk and a multitude of other skills. Sadly my instructor has retired and I've lost contact with her. You can see the results of my pattern skills and even some of my technical writing and computer skills at Sue's Tiny Costumes.

Charter College
Bachelors Degrees

Alpha Beta Kappa

Bachelors of Science Degree - Business Management & Technology: Concentration in Business Applications

Bachelors of Science Degree - Business Management &Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree - Computer Science: Concentration in Business Applications

Associate of Applied Science Degree - Business Management Practice

Certificate - Computerized Office Associate

Certificate - Computerized Office Specialist