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Sue Darby

This site is built purely with Bootstrap and PHP. There is no database behind it currently but there are plans to create additional sites with increasing complexities as I learn and do more with the modern frameworks and technologies. Check out my Continuing Education Classes list to see where I learned all my skills. To learn more about me check my About Page.


Technical Writing

Data Analysis

Word, Excel, Visio

Charts & graphs

Process development

Moose Dodging

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Recent Projects

Bootstrap & PHP website

Online Course Completion

Sewing Classes Website (client)

Code Monkey Website

Application Tracker

Compliance Tool

Certification Applications

Certification Checklist

More Projects

Recent Achievements

Has written 30 or more technical software tutorials and procedural manuals

Diagram internal processes using Universal Modelling Language (UML) to increase efficacies

Using macro programming and process design facilitated a 66% increase workflow processes

Facilitated 85% increase in data collection, clean up and notification efficiency

Designated by IT as a SharePoint Administrator for 3 State of Alaska sites; develop tools, manage permissions, train new staff, participate in budget and planning meetings

40% advancement in data capture and accuracy from changes identified and made to main database

60% refinement in workflow from development of checklist tool, trained additional staff to maintain tool

74% progress in time management for unit from programming of tool to track certification process

Increased file organization by 50% via a standardized electronic folder system to organize documentation

50% improved time management; reduced management’s information systems data entry

Archive over 5,157 files using new, efficient SharePoint site for archiving reduced data loss by 45%

Creation of 46 official application forms for Medicaid Waiver Programs ensuring ADA compliance