Lady Code Monkey

Web Page Samples Project

Home Page

I can add more than just a table here. This is for everything that is not a menu.

A list of things I want to do for this site as samples.

  • Home
  • About Me page
  • Slider of Samples from all my other sites
  • Mobile Friendly Page for my phone, tablet, Kindle and laptop
  • Use Font Awesome for Icons (obviously I am!)
  • Add in a favorite Google Font (Happy Monkey)
  • Moving Text
  • CSS3 driven menu
  • PHP driven form page
  • Canvas page for a pattern drafting tutorial I have in mind
  • MySQL database for a new web app I have in mind
  • Mobile App (Android)

The design of the page is being kept simple so that the bulk of the programming is for the fun things I want to learn to do in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Ultimately, I am hoping that these samples will lead to a new career.