M4 (Mass Mail Merge Macro)

This mass mail merge tool was developed for the Remediation process for Compliance. A few rules for use: It will ONLY (currently) work from a user’s desktop and it has to have the code modified to include said user’s id The macro code is commented to include what to leave… Continue reading

History of Websites

Summer 1995 Shirley’s Creative Designs was started. Fall 1995 Sue’s Tiny Costumes was started. In the summer of 1995 I became interested in creating websites and started developing Shirley’s Creative Designs. In the fall of the same year I started Sue’s Tiny Costumes. I started out on the infancy of… Continue reading

My Doll Business

I get a lot of questions and funny looks when I mention that my small business which was started in 1995 is focused solely on dolls. You see my original college major was Fashion Design and I focused on dolls as they are fun and easy to make a wide… Continue reading

Date Stamping in Adobe

1. Get an email that has attachments 2. Save the attachments to the network in the G:Provider Certification & ComplianceAuto Date Stamping in your folder (everyone should have one) 3. Navigate out to the folder on the network while on the laptop 4. Select all the files you wish to… Continue reading

Sample Resume- Kris Kringle Career Development, Work Sample

Sample Resume- Kris Kringle Career Development, Work Sample Even Santa should have a good resume. This was a sample resume created to make clients and co-workers alike smile at the collection of skills that Kris Kringle has. Kris Kringle Phone: (555) GOOD-KID North Pole E-mail:[email protected] Objective: To obtain a full time… Continue reading

Argument Construction

Argument Construction Knowing your topic and knowing what you want to convey to your audience is incredibly important in the process of constructing an argument. You need to understand key elements in the process of constructing your argument. Some of these points will be covered here. First and foremost what… Continue reading