Archiving Categories

At the start of my time with the State of Alaska I was a Administrative Clerk. As a clerk I was placed in charge of archiving old files to make space for current files. This was a monumental task that had not been tackled in several years so there were 20+ boxes to start with. Based on the Archive Guidelines I developed a simplified chart to help me sort the files. In the process of doing this it became known that no matter how many… Continue reading


Published books, articles and patterns. Pattern Drafting for Miniatures ~ Library of Congress Copy Right Pattern Making for Dolls International Doll Magazine Oct/Nov 05 Issue 89 1st place Alaska State Fair Jan/Feb 05 Issue 86 Dec05/Jan06 Issue 90 Apr/May 05 Issue 87 Dec 04 Issue 85 Aug/Sep 05 Issue 88 Additionally, I also have 100 other patterns on I have been writing pattern instructions since 1996.

Process Improvements

In 2011 my employer lost a legal case based on a simple reason: the documents were not date stamped. I remembered a couple years before dropping off paperwork and the office had a machine that my packet had gone on to, zipped through and out of curiosity I asked the clerk what the machine was. It was a date stamper, so I suggested we procure the same type of machine. Since it was my idea management agreed happily and asked me to do the research… Continue reading

Achievements between December 2010 and March 2011

Just one year of all the things I accomplished! There’s more that I have likely forgotten or discounted as too minor. Screenings are more complete with fewer missed items as I have learned to recognize required items Initial apps were backed up into October and were fully caught up in mid January for screenings resulting in more initial providers being certified Increased use and proficiency with MMIS Better personal tracking system for screenings missing items and quicker turnaround on matching incoming items with packets More… Continue reading

Achievements from 2008-2015

I’ve been a busy person the last 9 years and this only covers the first 7! – Compilation of ALL processes into comprehensive procedure manual from start to finish for certification including small side procedures and helpful tools – User friendly regulations for management and website – Discovery of new functions in Adobe DC led to time efficiency and additional accuracy for the Compliance team Time cut from multiple hours of work to far less. – Sharepoint Tracking system created as a “stop gap” until… Continue reading