<h2>Policies & Procedures​</h2>     
    <ul><li>Contribute to formal policies during development phases</li><li>Design and format forms used internally and externally</li><li>Write technical tutorials and processes for future staff reference</li></ul>     
        <h2>Graphs & Charts​</h2>       
    <p>Develop, design, create charts, graphs and reports for work flow, division and Federal reporting</p>     
        <h2>Business Documents</h2>     
    <ul><li>Business process upgrades such as repairs to public search tools working with various members of management and IT</li><li>Equipment needs such as the unit's need of faster, more efficient multi-function copier equipment or desktop equipment</li><li>Develop and continually improve  processes</li><li>Research and write resumes and Curriculum Vitae; assist clients in successfully attaining goals</li></ul>      
        <h2>Training Materials​</h2>        
    <ul><li>Design and write tutorials, diagrams and hands on training methods</li><li>Develop and update training material, teach and tutor classes in Introduction to Computers; MS Office Certification preparation</li><li>Effectively explain ideas and information to both technical and managerial users</li><li>Explain many MS Office skills to others ensuring efficient application use</li></ul>        
        <h2>Books & Publications​</h2>      
    <ul><li><a href="">Publish 2 books with copyrights, multiple articles in 4 magazines and over 100 miniature and small doll patterns</a></li><li>Technical instructions with drawn diagrams</li><li>Photography of final products</li></ul>       
        <h2>Technology Testing & Maintenance</h2>       
    <ul><li>Successful testing of early release of new technology for IT before roll out to full staff - currently testing Windows 10 and Office 2013 build resulting in improvements for division when IT fully upgrades. </li><li>First line of defense for general computer issues for unit - many basic technical questions are brought to me before an IT ticket is created </li><li>Can understand copier error codes and resolve some issues without calling for service saving company thousands - the first two copiers the unit had were not under a warranty and a call for repair was $200+ per visit. </li></ul>       
        <h2>Web Development</h2>        
    <ul><li>Manage social media accounts, website and marketing for small businesses</li><li>Track marketing efforts to increase visitor conversion for small businesses</li><li>Website design, development, including hand coded and Word Press based websites for small businesses</li><li>Write and edit <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP</a> for small businesses</li></ul>      
    <ul><li>Streamline administrative processes, database improvements, data tracking and report processes</li><li>Research date &amp; bates stamping equipment purchase to reduce clerical and administrative processing time</li><li>Develop and edit checklists to ensure applications processing efficiency using Visual Basic programming</li><li>Develop note entry process to provide accurate data for weekly reporting processes</li><li>Write business document to correct errors and improve data results for public search tool</li><li>Provide information to help other divisions with efforts to share data</li><li>Reclassification of personnel from clerical to technical and paraprofessional level positions</li><li>Gather data and develop monthly statistic tracking and reporting for internal use and grant reporting</li></ul>        
    <ul><li>Lead, train and delegate tasks to clerical staff</li><li>Contribute input on applicant interviews, selection or termination</li><li>Review candidate resumes and qualifications</li><li>Give input for final decisions</li><li>Analyze skills and issues of career seekers for position matching, resumes, cover letters, and interviews</li><li>Introduced multiple changes to daily processes to improve efficiency by 30-50%</li><li>Date stamping equipment - born of the need to have proof of date documents are received due to lawsuits and fair hearings</li><li>Reduce Management’s information systems data entry 50%; improved time management</li><li>Create and maintain unit UMLs outlining processes used.</li></ul>        
        <h2>Database Maintenance​</h2>      
    <ul><li>Maintain non-certified providers ensuring accurate data and updates are made</li><li>"Critical Incident Report Tracking” system and statistics generation</li><li>Trained MASST personnel to assist with large archiving project including classification and proper retention of files</li></ul>       
    <p>Design, planning, management and implementation of projects:</p><ul><li style="list-style-type: none;"><ul><li>“Habilitation Homes Project” to connect licensed homes with certified agencies</li><li>Additional information entered for Day Habilitation, Respite and Chore providers</li><li>Ongoing maintenance and reporting of connecting homes</li><li>Implement final product to reveal compliance issues and regulatory issues</li></ul></li><li><a href="">Compliance Checklist</a> - Merging Multiple tools into a cohesive portable workbook that will take the project from beginning to end.</li><li><a href="">Certification Checklist </a>-Used with every application that crosses my desk to help track what should be in the file. It provides a table of contents for each provider's record.</li></ul>        
        <h2>Technological Improvements</h2>     
    <ul><li>Mail merging - convinced management and IT of the need for reports to allow mail merging of regular letters versus spending a whole day manually typing and addressing letters to 30-50 providers per month. </li><li>Generate ad hoc and regular reports on count and status of providers correcting data entry as needed</li></ul>        
        <h2>Records Management</h2>     
    <ul><li>Administrator of  Division Archiving SharePoint as well as subject matter expert for system</li><li>Administrator of Unit SharePoint - Develop tracking tools for unit while division database is in development</li><li>Records retention subject matter expert</li><li>Introduced electronic records as a means to save on records requests for litigation and information sharing across divisions state wide</li></ul>

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