Technical Achievements

Design and implementation of projects including project management:

“Habilitation Homes Project” to connect licensed homes with certified agencies

Additional information entered for Day Habilitation, Respite and Chore providers

Ongoing maintenance and reporting of connecting homes

Administrator of  Division Archiving SharePoint as well as subject matter expert for system

Administrator of Unit SharePoint – Develop tracking tools for unit while division database is in development

Records retention subject matter expert

Introduced multiple changes to daily processes to improve efficiency by 30-50%

Maintain non-certified providers ensuring accurate data and updates are made

Implement final product to reveal compliance issues and regulatory issues

“Critical Incident Report Tracking” system and statistics generation

Compliance Checklist – Merging Multiple tools into a cohesive portable workbook that will take the project from beginning to end.

Certification Checklist -Used with every application that crosses my desk to help track what should be in the file. It provides a table of contents for each provider’s record.

Mail merging – convinced management and IT of the need for reports to allow mail merging of regular letters versus spending a whole day manually typing and addressing letters to 30-50 providers per month. 

Date stamping equipment – born of the need to have proof of date documents are received due to lawsuits and fair hearings

Successful testing of early release of new technology for IT before roll out to full staff – currently testing Windows 10 and Office 2013 build resulting in improvements for division when IT fully upgrades. 

First line of defense for general computer issues for unit – many basic technical questions are brought to me before an IT ticket is created 

Can understand copier error codes and resolve some issues without calling for service saving company thousands – the first two copiers the unit had were not under a warranty and a call for repair was $200+ per visit. 

Create and maintain unit UMLs outlining processes used.

Introduced electronic records as a means to save on records requests for litigation and information sharing across divisions state wide

Streamline administrative processes, database improvements, data tracking and report processes

Generate ad hoc and regular reports on count and status of providers correcting data entry as needed

Research date & bates stamping equipment purchase to reduce clerical and administrative processing time

Develop and edit checklists to ensure applications processing efficiency using Visual Basic programming

Develop note entry process to provide accurate data for weekly reporting processes

Effectively explain ideas and information to both technical and managerial users

Explain many MS Office skills to others ensuring efficient application use

Write technical tutorials and processes for future staff reference

Write business document to correct errors and improve data results for public search tool

Provide information to help other divisions with efforts to share data

Determine and develop business documents to explain:

Business process upgrades such as repairs to public search tools working with various members of management and IT

Equipment needs such as the unit’s need of faster, more efficient multi-function copier equipment or desktop equipment

Reclassification of personnel from clerical to technical and paraprofessional level positions

Manage social media accounts, website and marketing for small businesses

Track marketing efforts to increase visitor conversion for small businesses

Website design, development, including hand coded and Word Press based websites for small businesses

Write and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for small businesses

Gather data and develop monthly statistic tracking and reporting for internal use and grant reporting

Writing Achievements

Develop and continually improve  processes

Design and write tutorials, diagrams and hands on training methods

Contribute to formal policies during development phases

Design and format forms used internally and externally

Develop, design, create charts, graphs and reports for work flow, division and Federal reporting


2 books with copyrights, multiple articles in 4 magazines and over 100 miniature and small doll patterns

Technical instructions with drawn diagrams

Photography of final products

Research and write resumes and Curriculum Vitae; assist clients in successfully attaining goals

Develop and update training material, teach and tutor classes in Introduction to Computers; MS Office Certification preparation

Management Achievements

Lead, train and delegate tasks to clerical staff

Contribute input on applicant interviews, selection or termination

Review candidate resumes and qualifications

Give input for final decisions

Analyze skills and issues of career seekers for position matching, resumes, cover letters, and interviews

Reduce Management’s information systems data entry 50%; improved time management