Achievements from 2008-2015

I’ve been a busy person the last 9 years and this only covers the first 7!

– Compilation of ALL processes into comprehensive procedure manual from start to finish for certification including small side procedures and helpful tools
– User friendly regulations for management and website
– Discovery of new functions in Adobe DC led to time efficiency and additional accuracy for the Compliance team Time cut from multiple hours of work to far less.
– Sharepoint Tracking system created as a “stop gap” until new system can go live has processed 1321 items since April 2015 (now Dec 2016) tracking the information that the current database does not. Used as a model for reports to be generated and information tracked in new database system. 254 Initial applications 670 recertifications have been tracked and processed via the system ensuring there are no applications that are missed
– Having overseen 7 MASST/DVR Participants as part of the team the 8 of us completed a total of 5,515 files for data entry and archives since 2010 when the sharepoint Archiving site went live. Prior to that I completed 8 boxes prior to the SP an additional 425 files
– Admin for Archive sharepoint
– 24 boxes of archives send in August 2015
– 500++ record merges for DS3 as of 9/2015
– Adobepro used as workaround for date stamper while down
– Adobepro document manipulation including merges, splits and workflows
– Built application tracker
– Completed process of making Archive sharepoint CALCULATE retention CORRECTLY and generate a report CORRECTLY!
– Certificaiton box working for team 7/29/15
– Multiple large mail outs for QA
– Configured desktop printer as temporary fax machine while printer was down
– Form redesign
– New printer configuration coordination end of July 2015
– Organized back files of certifications into binders
– Provide technical assistance on multiple certification topics
– Process CPR Waivers
– Train QA on use of Adobe Pro for Bates stamping for hearing paperwork
– HIPAA confidentiality of mail outs during prep for mailings before a provider is sanctioned
– Turned Word based Applications into PDF fill in forms for Certification and website
– Report Processes
– Provide archives training to new Admin staff
– Add all work achievements to post or page each mont or week
– Vmware class
– Updated code on checklist 9/1/15
– Built CPR waiver tracker
– Maintain enough supplies to ensure unit/division made it through buying freeze
– Run reports from application tracker
– Edit and maintain 46 application forms
– Edit and program in VB.Net checklist and tab divider generator
– Report design and testing Harmony
– User testing Harmony
– Adobe workflow setup
– Create and maintain system generated reports for Provider Certification & Compliance Unit process of certification of Medicaid provider applicants, waivers, onsite provider reviews, and other quality assurance processes.
– Uses various reporting tools to compare data available internally and externally to correct deficiencies in data sets such as providers not showing up on the interactive public Search Tool but are active in the internal DS3 database.
– Participates in planning and developing system work orders to improve systems support for the unit.
– Maintains systems to ensure data integrity.
– Produces reports for management use; assists professional staff in analyzing data and creating reports. Enters and edits data and creates spreadsheets.
– Enter and track data related to provisional background checks of employees in agencies that obtain initial certification approvals. Work closely with certification application evaluators to communicate changes in background check status for these individuals for follow up measures.
– Implementation of a centralized repository of required forms and letters into a sharepoint site to use as a resource.
– Develops Certification forms for internal use and edits Certification Application forms ensuring accessibility for the public.
– Builds & maintains umls of unit processes, writes or updates written processes as assigned Serves as lead in selecting, training and oversight of DVR and MAAST administrative support volunteers
– Develops Universal Modeling Language (UML) tools for clarifying processes. Ensures procedures are updated as shared electronic documents for the unit.
– Assists with printing, copying, mass mailings, and organizing materials for meetings, training sessions, investigations, and site reviews or provides lead support to supportive staff.
– Provides support and maintenance of the unit`s copiers, fax machines and other machinery in the office. Conducts routine maintenance, troubleshooting and periodic repair status checks. Facilitates repair calls as necessary.
– Prepares materials for dissemination to providers, including recertification notifications
– Prepares mailing lists, merges documents, tracks and archives mailing lists for compliance history.
– Provides detailed information on program regulations; advises the public on program applicability and requirements; explains related laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to potential providers; advises and assists potential providers in setting up services. Must stay abreast of regulation, policy and systems changes.
– Provides technical assistance to applicants and providers regarding certification application process, setting up Background Check accounts, and corresponding with the SDS fiscal agent for billing purposes.
– Processes incoming initial and renewal applications for Medicaid Waiver and Personal Care Assistance Certification Application for completeness of required information according to state and federal regulations.
– Monitors Provider Certification email inbox which is the publicly posted email and web portal for all providers and applicants. Various reports of incidents, inquiries, complaints and questions flow through this email and must be routinely monitored and re-routed. An in-depth knowledge of SDS programs and their inter-relationships must be maintained in order to able to manage this duty. Responds to and takes appropriate action when within prescribed parameters, redirects to the correct professional staff when beyond knowledge base or those parameters, routes various emails to specific professional staff for decisions and action. Must use good judgment to determine level and routing of communications.
– Serves as subject matter expert on records retention procedures and archiving/off-site storage processes and advises professional staff on these procedures.
– Helps keep Provider Certification records and files organized and complete. Ongoing filing and policy and procedures toward electronic record keeping.
– Provides records copies for various records requests for criminal cases, public requests, etc. Ensure complete records are provided.
– Experience managing a database and using a CRM
– A talent for customer service, with outstanding interpersonal communication skills
– Team player, who cares deeply about his or her own work and also helps colleagues succeed
– Highly motivated and enthusiastic; Not easily discouraged
– Organized, efficient and able to meet deadlines
– Detail-oriented and a fact checker
– Resourceful problem solver, who finds ways around road blocks
– Emotionally mature and self-reliant; tolerates ambiguity and maintains positive, respectful professional relationships
– Developing and maintaining documentation, policies and instructions, recording operational procedures and system logs
– Monitoring and reports web statistics and makes recommendations to managers to improve visibility and usability of web site
– Performing web server backup and recovery operations
– Developing, designing and delivering web site structure for Internet/Intranet sites
– Analyzing and making recommendations to enhance performance, including upgrading and acquiring new systems

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