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I am a self proclaimed “geek”.  On more than a few occasions I have known the answers to odd computer problems. Some are simple like getting a web browser out of fullscreen (F11 if you are curious) to developing a business guide for IT to get a public facing search tool running after a database update broke it.
I am the co-worker that bosses and professionals alike come to first for answers to simple computer issues and the IT staff appreciates it by giving faster than average answers when I do call.

I am the staff member the Sharepoint team didn’t hesitate to give Full Administrative and Owner permissions to when we were fixing the Division’s Archive Site. (Getting this level as non-IT is very rare!)

I have worked with computers since the 1990’s when the family got an 8086 laptop and a wide carriage color printer. My first success was getting a program to print in color! Before that however, we had a TI/99 4A which unknown to me at the time sparked an interest in programming in BASIC A. I spent many overcast summer days poking at the keyboard to make it run games found in the manuals! 

I loved working with both machines and eventually we upgraded and from those two machines and  I started to work with office programs like Wordstar and then eventually Word 6.0. I was also encouraged by a cousin to get on the internet in high school via a 1200 baud modem. I can say that of a graduating class of 300, I was among only 6 with internet access!  From here I explored a very text based web and eventually started programming websites. My early sites weren’t very good and over time my skills improved. I learned graphics programs like Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro along with Dreamweaver. Eventually I bought domains and now use WordPress to manage the sites.

Over the years other computers were bought or upgraded but I didn’t dig into the hardware on my own until my first scratch build in 2008 for a project management college course. It is now 2015 and that build is still running strong as the family media center PC! I’ve done other upgrades and builds since then but know my heart is in software and programming.

I loved my computer and programming courses in college taking on fun challenging projects but sought a Bachelors degree in Business Management which came with Microsoft Office Master Certification and an Associate Degree in Computer Science. I currently work in government but would rather find a position that suits my geeky roots better  than paper pushing does.

A few other odd tidbits are that I live in the BEAUTIFUL state of Alaska, I enjoy gardening in the short summers and sewing for my family and dolls in winter. I also consider myself an amateur photographer. I am currently working my way through a variety of programming classes as a self study. A couple of these include Unity, C#, Android, Python and several web languages like PHP, CoffeeScript and SQL.

So enough about me, what should I know about you? Drop me a message and let’s chat!

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