12 ways to make people SMILE!

There are many things that can be done to improve a person’s day. These are only a few.

  1. Thank random people in uniform for their service to society. You may end up making a new friend or learning something about the world from someone with firsthand experience.Did you know it snowed in Afghanistan and the trucks freeze shut requiring our troops to chip ice off the hard way… no ice scrapers! Said vet learned that rubbing alcohol will melt ice easier and help them get into their trucks faster!)

    Another time I stopped a police officer coming out of the court house in downtown and thanked them. I got a seriously confused officer who questioned “Thank you for what?” “Protecting the people” there were tears in his eyes and a smile, no one had stopped him and simply thanked him for doing what he does for a living like that. I got the feeling he’d just come out of a bad court room case and really needed the pick up!

  2. Keep fun treats in your office that are to share. Licorice, lemon drops, M&M’s, peanuts, are all great items to keep handy…It’s fun to watch a boss act like a little kid when they see there’s a favored treat available… Their guard goes down just for a second and they are very human about it which for me gives a glimpse of the real person not just the professional I know.
  3. Teach your children to entertain themselves by making faces at other drivers when stopped at red lights. My kids did this to a police officer just as the light turned green… she had trouble driving through the intersection she was laughing so hard!
  4. Send a funny e-card to various people in your address book
  5. Leave a random small treat on a co-worker’s desk in a random “run by chocolating” or “run by treating”. My co-workers do this to me because I do it to them!
  6. Compliment your boss on something you really like about their supervisory style
  7. Compliment someone’s outfit or a part of their outfit
  8. Buy treats at lunch and then offer one to the clerk you just bought them from
  9. Give the commuter bus driver a break when you know he’s been on the road for a couple hours and needs a bathroom run and there’s time before you have to take off. It doesn’t take much to keep a head count and open the doors for other passengers and they LOVE the opportunity to stretch!
  10. Take a plate of goodies from a work potluck to the receptionist who didn’t get to go OR go down and give her a quick break so she can go!
  11. Take a random coffee run with co-workers and then pay for a co-worker’s treat despite protests. I have a couple people I go for a random coffee run with and it’s funny to watch a boss protest when those they supervise treat them to a coffee and get the response “you can have your turn the next time I’m in need of a coffee run like this” we all take turns spoiling each other.
  12. Bring home a random but unique goodie to your significant other. I found some cherry flavored jelly beans just before Valentine’s Day by a brand I’d never heard of and they turned out to be super good. I only got one bag and when I went back for more they were all gone!
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