10 Things Important to Me in a Job

10 Things Important in a Job

  • Remote, telecommute perhaps with a little travel
  • Challenging work that changes mysteries to solve
  • End of the day results that make a difference in the world or someone's life
  • Uses all of my skills not just a few and encourages personal and professional development through training
  • Medical dental vision insurance retirement plan optional would rather have higher pay rate and do my own investments
  • Some routine work quick simple items that gives a sense of accomplishment
  • Coworkers who are truly a team not just a functional work group
  • Fair pay for a days work and room to move upwards
  • Work family and life balance
  • Values my opinion and ideas for improvement in any area of the business functions

10 Things Important in an Employer

  • A company or organization that will be around for the long haul
  • Company with good documentation on policies and procedures that make sense to someone who is new
  • Proactive vs reactive in tech support and other operational needs
  • Technology and tech savvy team with a variety of specialty skills
  • One that cares about the people who do the work
  • Small team where the whole team has a say in who takes on what tasks
  • Manager who is not a micro manager
  • Management that understands what the workers actually do
  • Management that will pitch in with even the low level tasks
  • More than 3 yrs old and profitable

While this was originally developed several years ago, the list has not changed just which ones are most important to me. I’ve changed jobs and learned a few things.

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