10 Things Important to Me in a Job

This goes with my Reverse Job Description.

Make a list of up to 10 things you feel are important to you in a job.

Then a list of up to 10 things important to you in a company or employer.

1.     Challenging work that changes mysteries to solve

2.     Management that understands what the workers actually do

3.     Some routine work quick simple items that gives a sense of accomplishment

4.     Management that will pitch in with even the low level tasks

5.     Coworkers who are truly a team not just a functional work group

6.     A company or organization that will be around for the long haul

7.     End of the day results that make a difference in the world or someone’s life

8.     One that cares about the people who do the work

9.     Uses all of my skills not just a few and encourages personal and professional development through training

10.  Proactive vs reactive in tech support and other operational needs

11.  Work family and life balance

12.  Manager who is not a micro manager

13.  Medical dental vision insurance retirement plan optional would rather have higher pay rate and do my own investments

14.  Manager who will do anything from clerical support to high decisions when needed and knows what everyone else does and can do it too

15.  Close to home with a short commute, telecommute option

16.  small team where the whole team has a say in who takes on what tasks not just assigning with a YOU will do these things because I say so

17.  Values my opinion and ideas for improvement in any area of the business functions

18.  technology and tech savvy team with a variety of specialty skills

19.  Fair pay for a days work and room to move upwards

20.  more than 3yrs old and profitable


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