Sue Darby

Sue Darby

I am a specialist at bridging the gap between business managers and IT professionals. I am among the rare group of people who can translate business needs to the IT staff and the mid to high levels of technical information to the business users. I excel at identifying execution steps, building processes and diagrams with detailed instructions for use. I can use all these skills and more to help your company thrive! Get to know me via my network of websites or via the sections of my resume below.

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  • Computer Skills
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  • Alaska Office Specialists
  • Books, Music & More
  • Coffee Institute
  • Craft Pattern Emporium
  • Sue’s Tiny Costumes
  • iA3
  • State of Alaska
  • Nine Star Education & Employment/Americorps



Habilitation Providers

The State has several types of providers who were previously “invisible” to management statistically. We knew they exist but really did not know exactly who they were or where the clients were. Frequently, the clients served were placed in a wrong environment and all sorts of havoc would happen when… Continue reading

What activities make me the happiest?

Patterns and drafting with sewing but I am a moody seamstress Document management and development of new forms with latitude for creativity Process development and procedure design Finding problems and coming up with ideas to fix it Being given a problem and finding a solution that helps someone else solve… Continue reading