Sue Darby

Technical instructions for a variety of technical topics.

Sue Darby is a wizard with software, from basics to macros and things they weren’t originally programmed to do (mass e-mail merge PDF files through Outlook). She writes technical instructions from “This is the mouse” level to anything new that she’s done only once or twice. She can target instructions to the level of the audience as well for presentations. She also installs, sets up, maintains and secures efficient WordPress websites. She is a  published author, honors graduate and amateur photographer.

Sue is an experienced talent on the labor market. She is an explorer, ready for adventures. She is an achiever, who is willing to work hard to reach goals. She is a team player, getting along well with people around her. Creativity is one of her strengths and she’s always up to try something new. She is a great asset to a team!

Continuous personal development and adaptability are in high demand in a fast-changing work environment, thus sharing her knowledge is important to her. She is determined to have a positive impact – not only on the working environment but on the whole of society.

Latest Projects

I have been busy the last few months both learning and applying some new skills and the result is the Learning Site which is also an extension of this portfolio site.

My next projects will be posted here so check back soon!

  • My Doll Business

    I get a lot of questions and funny looks when I mention that my small business which was started in 1995 is focused solely on dolls. You see my original college major was Fashion Design and I focused on dolls as they are fun and easy to make a wide variety of garments for. When I talk about the size...
  • Search Tool Business Document 7-2013

    Search Tool Business Document 7-2013 When we had a change of regulations in 2013, that prompted a big change in our database, which in turn broke a few things including a web based interactive search tool. This was the business document I was asked to develop upon my discovery of the broken tool. It not only fixed the issue, it added...
  • Written Work Samples & Work Tools

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  • Way of the Jedi

    While wandering Facebook in 2017 Guardians of the Force posted this and I couldn't resist a little update to one of my favorite term papers: Note this is an older writing sample and thus I am NOT linking the resources that were used as a few of them have likely been taken down or moved. Yes, for those who are curious I...
  • Argument Construction

    Argument Construction Knowing your topic and knowing what you want to convey to your audience is incredibly important in the process of constructing an argument. You need to understand key elements in the process of constructing your argument. Some of these points will be covered here. First and foremost what is your topic? Who is your target audience? What do you want...
  • My Best Work 2016

  • Sample Resume- Kris Kringle Career Development, Work Sample

    Sample Resume- Kris Kringle Career Development, Work Sample Even Santa should have a good resume. This was a sample resume created to make clients and co-workers alike smile at the collection of skills that Kris Kringle has. Kris Kringle Phone: (555) GOOD-KID North Pole E-mail:[email protected] Objective: To obtain a full time position in Senior Management Qualifications Summary Twinkling eyes, merry dimples Cheeks like roses, nose like a cherry Little round belly...

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